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  1. harjp1959

    2016 FE450 no map switch?

    I am in Arizona where things may be a little different regarding what can be plated. For instance my 2T YZ250 is plated here. However, I am checking with them now to relay what you said about the EUR map. I am going to assume you are right and am looking forward to them learning that for themselves and confirming it.
  2. harjp1959

    2016 FE450 no map switch?

    I, too, thought I would be getting a handlebar map switch on my new 2016 FE 450. When I asked about it before purchasing the bike, I was told that the switch was an aftermarket addition, but that there was a switch under the seat that would allow me to select a different ecu map. When I got the bike home and couldn't find any switch under the seat, I was told "oops" it was the FC models that had that feature. So I opted to let the shop I took the bike to for suspension work also flash the ecu with the EU map and install the handlebar switch. I was also told that the EU map was the only other map that they could upload to the ecu and that the switch would allow me to select only between the US and EU maps. I did wonder if I would ever want to run the US map and if not then what's the point of having the switch? Now I'm going to call Munn and see what that's about. If he has an option superior to the US/EU factory maps, I'll go with that instead.
  3. harjp1959

    2016 FE 450 -- just brought her home

    Would like to hear about the mods you did. And the type of riding you do and how the bike compares to others you've owned.
  4. harjp1959

    2016 FE 450 -- just brought her home

    Really? I heard it's a bunch of dicks over there. Feel free to tell me about the TPS adjustment if you know about it.
  5. harjp1959

    2016 FE 450 -- just brought her home

    What's the TPS adjustment? I know what TPS is. How do you perform the adjustment? Is that for sure applicable to my bike.
  6. harjp1959

    2016 FE 450 -- just brought her home

    That's a 1973 bike. And it is cherry! But also actually ridden so scuffed up here and there. Belongs to a customer of the dealer. Good eye! So nobody else owns a FE 450?
  7. harjp1959

    2016 FE 450 -- just brought her home

    Just put her in the shop for springs and a revalve, ecu euro map and handlebar switch, ignition key, license plate holder, rad guards, front and rear disc guards, and handlebar repositioning. Ordinarily, I'd do everything but the suspension work myself, but the shop is giving me a great discount on all the parts and isn't charging me for labor for other than the suspension. I'll keep the stock skid plate and hand guards until they break. I see what you mean about the seat bolts. They are pretty recessed. But the seat goes on much more easily than on japanese bikes and the seat bolts are much easier to re-fasten, so I like it. The headlight on the FE 450 is a lot brighter than enduro headlights on japanese bikes, but I don't plan on doing any night riding. I agree it would be useless on the road. I have a super bright standalone battery operated Baja headlight I can always strap onto the forks if I want. The new engine map will really open her up and with the protection, she'll be all ready to ride. I can't wait!
  8. So I went out and bought a bike today. It looks like this. Need to get the suspension set up for me, but otherwise I'm thinking she's ready to ride. Anyone else have this bike? Tell me about your bike -- what you love, what you've changed.
  9. harjp1959

    My DRZ is making a ticking noise

    Hmmm. So's mine! Been doing it for 11 years! Totally normal!
  10. harjp1959

    2016-2017 air box cover/ side panel

    Just brought my 2016 FE 450 home today. There's a release tab up and "behind" the panel on the forward most side. Then you pull back the rest of the panel, easing out pins. No bolt.
  11. harjp1959

    xr650r -- what's changed?

    Very cool. Thanks. I take it any updated parts fit the earlier models.
  12. harjp1959

    xr650r -- what's changed?

    Hi. I'm looking at a 2000 xr650r. Don't know the bike except that it's an xr650r!!!! ===> a truly awesome bike! What's changed on the bike over the years, from 2000 to 2007? TIA. Harry
  13. harjp1959

    Pivot Works Fork Kit

    Thanks Eric. Hope you are doing well.
  14. harjp1959

    Pivot Works Fork Kit

    2 fork seals, 2 wipers, and 2 sets of upper and lower bushings. Are these components any good. Or should I go OEM?
  15. harjp1959

    Rear shock removal

    Thanks Eddie. Guess I did it the hard way.