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  1. It only takes 30 seconds to hit the kill switch and roll by a horse and rider, every time i've done this the rider smiles and waves a thankyou. It's not hard and no I still hate horses!
  2. channahc

    Manual For 1986 Tt250r

    undefined Can anybody tell me why i cannot find a manual for a 86 model TT250R. I can find XT/TT350 but not the 250, would the 350 manual be helpful or not. Much appreciated
  3. channahc

    TT-R250 too much for total newb?

    In my humble opinion,go for a second hand TT-R250 these bikes are pretty well bullet proof if they have been serviced properly, even if neglected they still seem to hold up well. A small tip, ask the owner to rip the air filter out and look at it's condition (clean or dirty) if he can't do this without the min of fuss it will give you an idea of how regular he works on his bike and how much maintance the bike may have missed out on.