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  1. brokencrf250

    blue honda....looks bad?

    I wouldn't want to ride with that bike on that track....I would pick on you if you did that
  2. brokencrf250

    My babies!

    They made those rmz's preeeeetty nice man
  3. brokencrf250

    Best looking KTM contest!!!!

    Baja 500 race bike (MINE )
  4. brokencrf250

    How to build a dirt jump

    I just shoveled the sand around, and used hay and wood---
  5. brokencrf250

    Sikk mx trailbike

    I hate the way those things look...and the price is enough to shit a brick----however, I bet it would be fun around a camp fire
  6. brokencrf250

    i wanna mx

    I pissed my pants when I first went to an mx track...wonder why
  7. brokencrf250

    whoops pinned in 5th

    I have some natural whoops down in this little riding area of mine--it is very nice because it right after a 4th pinned turn, that you would later shift up to 5th in the whoops. Natural whoops have always seemed to be a bit harder in a way, only because you have to work more to allow the bike to float across them.
  8. I had to ride my bike on a flat for over 10 miles over rocks....I got home and checked the wheel----not one bend or scratch.
  9. ^^^^and why not try up by the mountains?
  10. throw off you clothes....tape your balls to your leg and forget about the heat
  11. brokencrf250

    Best Choice for Bike Upgrade for son

    Get the bike that you would like to take out when he is not home -- haahaha I say go with the crf250r----it is fine for trails, and great for track.
  12. brokencrf250

    fmf pipe inserts

    Return the insert?
  13. brokencrf250

    honda fat cat

    You think Travis is crazy enough?
  14. brokencrf250

    How Many Pay Cash Vs. Finance

    Finance with 0% interest for 6 months
  15. brokencrf250

    Vandalism at its best...

    I like how it goes from serious...to funny hahahahahaha