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  1. bb15

    Ride to Die

    This is exactly why I'm offroad only. To all you street riders, I hope it's worth it.
  2. bb15

    Crazy battery question

    Yes. Exactly.
  3. bb15

    Crazy battery question

    Though it's the same amp hour and voltage rating, those batteries are designed to provide a very small current for a long period of time. A battery ment for starting a motor is designed to provide a very high current for a short period of time. They also have the heavy duty screw down terminals to handle the higher current. Those spade terminals and small gauge wire usually used with them will probably try to burn up on you. I recently replaced the battery in my DRZ with one from batterystuff.com. They have the best prices I've found.
  4. bb15

    drz in the sand

    Gotta have a paddle if you want to climb anything steep. 8psi rear, 6 in front, make sure your rim locks are tight. Forget you have a front brake. Lean back, let the front end float around, and get used to the rev limiter.
  5. bb15

    im looking at getting a DRZ400

    They are about as bulletproof as you can get. They are no more likely to overheat than any other bike on a tight trail (no airflow). And you can always add a fan. I think of the DRZ as the only option for a 4 stroke trail bike. Everything else on the market is high maintenance, ti-valved, race bike.
  6. bb15

    03 KLX 400 carb question

    Yes. The two bikes are identical.
  7. bb15

    Acerbis or UFO?

    I'm getting ready to drop the hammer on a set of black plastic. I'm not concerned with scratches. I'll be scratching it up plenty on the trail. Which way should I go?
  8. And my bikes jetted for sea level! Other than being a little down on power it ran great.
  9. bb15

    Oregon Advice needed

    I hear East Fort Rock is amazing.
  10. bb15

    damaged radiators? how bad are they?

    Keep an eye on them. As long as they don't develop a leak you should be ok but get some Unabiker guards on there asap.
  11. bb15

    Finally Rejetting My "E"

    I spend most of the time at 3000-5000 ft. but I'd like to be able to go to the dunes without having to rejet. Even if I have to put up with some richness at the higher elevations. I went ahead and installed my JD kit with the 162 main and test ran it. Now it won't idle without the choke on:confused:
  12. bb15

    Finally Rejetting My "E"

    FYI, middle clip, you mean '3rd from the flat', right? yes
  13. I want the best all around performance and to really wake up the off idle throttle response. I ride from 0 to 6000'. 30 to 95 degrees. Super tight trail to sand dunes. I have cored the end cap on my stock exhaust and removed the snorkel. Extended fuel screw 2 turns out. According to the instructions that came with my James Dean kit it looks like I should go with a 165 main jet and blue needle middle clip. I know there are many other jets and adjustment screws in this carb. My question is do I need to do anything else or am I good to go? Also, do I need to use a different plug after the rejet or is the stock CR8E still fine?
  14. Will synthetic oil help with shifting? My bike has a tendency to go to neutral when trying to shift to second.
  15. bb15

    Missed Shift?

    About half the time when I try to shift from first to second I end up in neutral. Anyone else experienced this?