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  1. Jt321

    Not running right help!

    Is there a how to on checking the valves??
  2. Jt321

    Not running right help!

    Yea its stock cam, stock carb. I switch the carb from my working 88cc crf50 to the non working one and it does the same. At WOT it runs at 1/4 performance.. I tried riding it but the bike barely moves? I made sure the ground was good, switched plugs but no go. Does the piston have to be a certain way? The way i have it now is the bigger of the 2 half moons is on top and the smaller one is on bottom.
  3. Jt321

    Not running right help!

    kit is from dratv.com yea the O and T marks are lined up. Choke is off. Left settings on carb alone.. maybe i need a bigger main jet?
  4. I just installed a 88cc kit for my 05 crf50 and something isnt right. I made sure the timing chain is lined up right also. It starts fine but when i give it gas it stutters real bad and doesnt seem to run at full performance. At full throttle it stutters and seems like its running at about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, but its at full throttle. Replaced plug, clean carb.. what else could it be??
  5. Jt321

    Reply if you have a 2006 250-R

    No i wasnt, I was actually out at Speedworld that day..
  6. Jt321

    Reply if you have a 2006 250-R

    Like everyone else said, suspension is kind of stiff. It does have a SLIGHT bog at lower rpm's but an adjustment to the carb will fix that.