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  1. alright i got it all in but now the clutch lever does nothing. i've tried adjusting the cable and the outside of the case adjustments. took it all out and tried to realign my clutch arms and still nothing it all looks right but the clutch lever does nothing. does there HAVE to be oil in the case just for the clutch to work? this is all on a crf50 with a 110 super pro BBR kit in it plus many more. let me know of anything that you guys know. thanks Nathan
  2. Just put this rotor in my 110 super stroker running like garbage. Is it jetting? i don't have my jets right now so i can't try but i'm guessing thats what it is... Is there any other possiblities that i should look into? pretty sure my ground is good i've heard that can mess things up. also if anyone has ENGLISH kitaco inner rotor kit install and timing directions you should hook me up. i was sent Jap. instructions. far as i can see i have it setup to run at 40* which is 12000 rpm instructions would be sweet. thanks Nate