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  1. I saw the bike in the pits at a race yesterday, took a ride on it, used-looking but very clean and ran great, the teen riding it took 3rd overall. The bike didn't look crashed-up, I guess cause the kid was a great rider. BTY it was a 2004, their selling to get the aluminum-framed 06. Said the engine was never apart, all original. They were very pro-looking for amateur racers, nice tents, trailer, a son, father, and grand-father, truly "good" people. Liked 'em even before they handed me and my girlfriend ice-cold beers! Bike seems like a good deal for $3000 ? I see supposedly mint, never-raced bikes for 4-4500$, and I really won't see a difference long-term because the engine holds up?
  2. amen to that brother!!!
  3. just recently discovered a 250f is probably my best bike choice, I'm 5'11, just under 150#, ok rider but not great. 2smoke 125 is the right heft, but don't like the powerband, 2smoke250 fun to fly straight on but hard to corner with. rode a crf 450 r and loved it, but afraid of trying to toss it around on a practice track. took a short, very tame ride on a yz 250 f and feel confident on it and in it's powerband. Question is, should I buy a used 2004 yz250f racer ( seems to have been well-maintained ) w/ about 100-125 hrs for about $3000, or wait for one w/ less hrs, maintained equally well, and only trail-ridden ?