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  1. raoulduke

    O9 450 X rough at low revs

    The bike is standard UK spec. A bit dissapointed to have to re-jet immediately on a 'competition' machine to get it running right. Mid range and top end are great but when it gets slow and technical this low end fuelling is a pain in the a**. Will get reading the stickies and get the jets out i suppose...
  2. raoulduke

    O9 450 X rough at low revs

    Just got a brand new 450X. Love the bike except that at low revs it runs terribly. Very hard to set a constant idle speed, you seem to get it right then run it for a bit and it's too high or so low that it stalls out all the time at low speeds. I was looking to keep the bike standard, don't need more power, but will I have to jet and do air box mods just to sort this out?? Thanks.