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  1. Matt Black

    Newbie questions- '94 250cc

    Thank you, that is exactly the info I needed!
  2. Matt Black

    Newbie questions- '94 250cc

    I'm interested in buying a used Husky for riding trails in the woods around where I live. I have no plans currently to ride a track or race MX. Maybe some XC racing in the future. I came across the following ad: '94 250cc Husqvarna Enduro Dirtbike This has been really fun, but I need the money to finish my jeep. It runs great and had the engine gone through last winter. It is actually bored out to a 260cc or something like that I can't remember what the guy told me. It has some dings in the seat...but a new seat cost $20. The right side brush guard is broken...but everything else is good. Starts first or second kick. Tires are good. Runs great. Tons of power and adjustable suspension. Hate to get rid of it. I can't get a hold of the guy for another day (he's a firefighter, 24 on, 24 off) and his wife couldn't answer my questions. First, I don't know very much about Huskys and even less without being able to search a model #. Can any one give me the model #'s for '94 vintage 250's? Did they make a 4 stroke 250 in '94, or am I looking at a 2 stroke? Would this bike fit my needs? Thank you very much.