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  1. There was a race where I blew my bike up and had to run my husbands KX450. Before I raced it he put the PC linkage on it and it made it better for me to ride and he loves it.
  2. Which PC pipe is it and is the silencer included?
  3. I have a mod KX125 with PC pipe and love it. I also have V-Force 3 reeds and tons of other mods. I am pregnant right now but my husband is about to get my bike ready fro me to ride again and we will not be going with V-Force reeds again. They keep getting worn on the edge so we are going to go with boyesen just to see if the edges don't get worn as fast.
  4. Im 26 weeks pregnant and havent got on a bike at all since I found out. Not even on the back of the bike with my husband but we ride tracks. There has been alot of disscusion on riding while pregnant on here and alot of people dont like my opinion. Im surprised the women who still did hill climbs and things like that havent chimed in seems they think that is safe. I would say your safe and your doctor will most likely also think so.
  5. If you get last years sick pants I don't think you have a chance of wearing them with knee braces. I am pretty little and have kids knee pads and it was really snug. I talked with them and they said this years pants would have wider knees. I also ripped the butt out of three pairs of sick pants.
  6. Chandler Mountain Motocross will be holding the sixth race of the Alabama State Championship series on Sunday 9/24. We will be holding practice Saturday 9/23 from 9:00-2:00. This race is a Kawasaki, MSR, and Answer Contingency race. Women's class is free like always. For more information you can go to http://www.bamamotocross.com/docs/flyers/AL_State_Series/2006_Fall.jpg . Changes to the track to make it suitable for all riders skill levels are being made as I type. Everyone in the 50 open will receive a really cool shirt. The 50 open is a free class and don't usually receive awards. Hope to see everyone at the mountain!
  7. I think that if you want to take a chance on something happening, then you are SELFISH. I don't care what you guys have to say about how I feel. I am the Alabama State Champion and I get Kawasaki and MSR contingency. I get paid 150.00 a win from Kawasaki and I won't be the fall champion. But that is a small price to pay to ensure that I will have a healthy baby and there are no chances I could have a miscarriage. Yes you are RISKING your babies LIFE. Is that something you really want to do. It is nine MONTHS of your life, for your baby to live 100 YEARS. This is coming from someone that has to attend a race every weekend because my husband still races. It's a hard thing to do but the joy of having a baby is much greater. That babies life depends on you it is sad you would want to be so selfish. Throw stones at me I don't care but my baby won't be dieing because I am selfish.
  8. I don't know if I did this right because I just signed up for photobucket. Here is my first attempt at posting a picture of my mod 05 Kx125. It has a pretty pink frame. http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n87/foxysxgirl27/pinkframemsr.jpg
  9. Congratulations. I also just found out im pregnant. I broke my toe getting up off my couch becuase I am a clutz. If I can hurt my self walking I don't think I need to get on a bike. I race MX and have decided I will not be riding until after the baby is born. My opinion is track is safer than trails because if you know the track then you know the terrian. Plus with some trails you can go either way, then someone else could be the reason why you get hurt. It's only nine months why risk harming your baby. I know everyone has different opinions but this is my opinion. Best wishes in whatever you decide is best.
  10. My husband has a welder but we wanted to make sure it was right. We just took it down to our local welder. I have actually had two stabilizers welded on and havent had a problem out of either one. I will talk with my husband and see if he has any more info.
  11. You may need to go with the weld on. I have a kx125 and mine was bolted on, until I was in the middle of a race and it shook itself loose. That was a big problem for me because wthout my stabilizer I get mad headshake. Then another race it kept locking side to side. That was a scary race. So we welded on my bolt on and havent had a problem since it works great.
  12. A 230 isn't much less than a 250f and I could hang with the 250f's on my kx100 but it was alot easier to beat them on my 125. For a 100 to keep up with the bigger four strokes you will have to ride your butt off.
  13. foxysxgirl27

    Kx 100 ??

    I wouldn't say the KX100 is tamer than the 85's. I am 5'4 110 I started on a KX100. I loved the power it was a great starter bike. I did have about 50 crashes because of whiskey throttle. If I was on a 125 the wouldn't have happened. Six months after I began riding I decided to race. I raced against 250f's and 125's. I had to ride my butt off to keep up with them it usually resulted in a couple crashes. I got a KX125 shortly after and a week after I got the 125 I won my first race. Turns out all though the 125 is a little bigger it is alot easier to ride whether you are racing or just riding around. There are mods that can be done to make it suit a smaller rider. I had to have a steering stabilizer to race mine the one race I had without a stabilizer I flew off the track and hit a tree. That was because I had never experienced headshake before. We put springs for a lighter rider and lowered the shock. I have no problem riding it and I am glad I decided to get a 125.
  14. Congrats on the 450!! My husband wants to buy me a 450. Im 5'4 like 105lbs. and race a mod KX125. I blew my bike up in practice the day before the race. Since this was a series race and I was winning I had to race his brand new KX450. Now my husbands bike was set up for a big guy since he is 6'4 280lbs. The night before the race we put a Pro Circuit linkage on it to lower it and we set all the clickers to soft. I got second I could have got first but I got impatient and accidentily tripled a jump I had only doubled and flew off the track. The point of my story is I had so much fun on the 450. Im a two stroke girl and soon I have to move to four stroke. I race Kawasaki contingency races and since they are not making a 125 anymore if I want to get paid I have to switch to four stroke. My bike is only good until October. My husband has been trying to get me to ride a four stroke for a while he says I am faster on them but I just dont have fun on anything but a mod 125 because I like the wild ride. That was until I had to race his bike I actually enjoyed racing the 450. It had that violent power that I love. Ive raced 250f's and didnt have fun but the 450 is my answer. Some agree some don't but Im gonna have alot of fun and that's all that matters.
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