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  1. TigcraftYamaha

    Carb position on 2001 YZ426

    I was asking about my carb being off-vertical because I've been trying to figure out what causes my engine to cut-out. I was thinking the carb might should be vertical and since mine isn't this could cause the fuel to lift the floats in the bowl too soon and shut off the fuel supply. I think I'm wrong. It looks like I have a transmission problem. Steve
  2. TigcraftYamaha

    Cutting out in 5th gear only

    Thanks to everyone for the advise. I certainly wasn't thinking seriously about it being the transmission. I'm going to check it out. Thanks again, Steve
  3. TigcraftYamaha

    Carb position on 2001 YZ426

    Thanks. I appreciate it. Steve
  4. TigcraftYamaha

    Carb position on 2001 YZ426

    Could anyone tell me whether the carburetor on a 2001 YZ426 is supposed to be completely veritical when keyed into the rubber manifold or whether it is supposed to be a little off-vertical? Thanks, Steve
  5. TigcraftYamaha

    Cutting out in 5th gear only

    Thanks a lot for the reply. (I didn't make it to the track.) I thought about a transmission problem, but if it were that wouldn't I hear/feel grinding or something? What I hear is the engine stumbling. I'll be going down the straight (roadrace track) in 5th and the engine just never clears up. I had the bike on a dyno. I can rev it up in 4th and it's smooth as silk up to 11,000, but in 5th the engine cuts- out no matter the rpm. Thanks again, Steve
  6. TigcraftYamaha

    Cutting out in 5th gear only

    Hello all, I have a 2001 YZ426 engine in a roadracing (Tigcraft) frame. It's been bored, stroked, hot cams, ported. My problem is the engine cuts out horribly in 5th. But 5th only. The cutting out seems in no way related to rpm. It cuts out instantly when I shift into fifth and will cut out no matter the rpm. It does not cut out in any other gear. I've disconnected the neutral switch and the other wires with it, I put in a new stator, checked all the wiring and connections; the carb seems fine except I have to use a 135 main jet. (I tried re-jetting from 135 to 165 but nothing helps the 5th gear problem.) I don't see how since I diconnected the wire at the neutral switch, but could it be the CDI? Any knowledge, insight, hunches, best guesses would be greatly appreciated. I'm leaving for the track early Friday morning, Aug. 19, so I won't be able to respond until Monday, but thanks in advance for any help. Steve