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  1. zzz08g

    KTM 2007 250XCF-W or 2008 250XCF-W

    I am also looking at the XCF. But for mostly MotoX and some GNCC style. I am leaving a CRF250R behind. I have a 400EXC for the tight single track stuff. :-) That said, looking for MotoX riding impressions. Thx
  2. zzz08g

    I love my250sxf!

    Thx. I'm also looking for riding impressions between the sxf and xcf for motorcross. Thx again
  3. zzz08g

    I love my250sxf!

    Anyone have any expierence on both of these. I have a crf250r and am plenty tired of the rebuilds. I also like the idea of the magic button as I am getting on in the years. I ride sr. c/b class. Thx
  4. zzz08g

    08 450XCF: Picked it up today!!

    I posted this in another thread but looks like different people monitoring. Dirt Rider talked about two ignition maps. You unplug something and changes the characteristics. Looking for rider feedback here. Also, has anyone moto'x a 250 xcf. Thx
  5. zzz08g

    Gone Orange! 2008 450 XC-F

    I did read that there are two ignition maps for this bike. You unplug something and it tames it down. Has anyone done this yet? Also, has anyone been out MotoX yet. I do both. Also looking for feedback on the 250 xcf also. Thx
  6. I just bought a regina O ring Chain. I was told by the dealer that an O ring chain would have clearance in the stock chain guide. Well it doesn't. It has to pulled through with some effort. Anyone know of an aftermarket chainguide that is large enough for O Ring Chains? Thx
  7. zzz08g

    06 CRF250R O/X Ring Chain

    Additional question. On the 250R will the chain guide accept an O ring Chain? I bought a Regina but I assume most O ring chains are of nearly the same width. Thx
  8. zzz08g

    Valve issues solved for 06

    I am also interested in the Valve components and were to purchase? Thanks in advance.
  9. zzz08g

    CRF250R Valves and Options

    Hi, New to the board. First off I have to say that I absolutely love this bike and have an 04 and 05 for my son and I. For the 04 I got one complete year of use July - July for this bike and was quite happy. I never had to adjust anything. That said, the day came when I new it was time. I was prepared for this but.... now comes the heartache. Plan A was switch to KibbleWhite stainless valves and springs which I understand have had good success in the 450's. However, they stopped shipping because of spring problems and have no date for resolution. This is a 250 problem not 450. Plan B. Go with factory parts to keep riding and next time switch. I am planning to replace the piston also. For reference, list $$ on a complete top end from Honda is $400. But to my dismay, SOME OFTHE PARTS ARE ON INDEFINITE BACK ORDER. I called Honda and they told me they have the same info as I have and offered no alternatives or insight to when they would be availaible. I find this completely unacceptable given that Honda knows how often these need to be replaced. Or maybe it's more than they thought given the unavailability. My question. Does anybody have any ideas on options? Kibblewhite is the only one I know of for aftermarket valves. Thanks for the replies in advance.