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  1. Just wondering if there is gonna at least be a crowd =).....
  2. Anyone going out to Wild Wash Nov. 9-12....?
  3. Proud to be an owner of a bike that takes about a $grand$ just to keep her goin. Just kidding, but the bike being so great, is also a high-maintenance son of a *****
  4. I went out riding this weekend on my 04 CRF250R, and my bike would not start . A few weeks prior to this weekend, my bike would kick out on me(die basically) when I would come to a stop on a trail. Once it would die the bike would be kinda of hard to start. This weekend though, the bike would not even start . It had no compression and it kind of sounded like something was loose inside the engine . The weird thing was...my dad and his friends would give my bike and I a bumb start, and the bike would start up a little over half the time. I got in a few rides with it, but wouldn't stop, unless at the top of a hill (I could role down and bump start it ), because once it died there was no getting the thing goin again. Problems: 1. No compression 2. Sounds like somethings "kinda" loose 3. Can't kick start it 4. When it's warm, from getting bump started, it still wont start again after dying on me 5. Is money an issue here? (How much are we probably talkin here?)
  5. I'm sorry, but besides that fact that RC rides an RMZ, suzuki has always been crappy, ugly, and at the bottom of the competition. The only top rider, riding a suzuki, is RC. It's all about Honda and Yamaha...
  6. How much does it cost to get it done for you? (Not doing it yerself)
  7. O yea.....that pipe is awesome....well at least in my point of view. I've had it the pipe for at least a year now and i love it. Good choice!
  8. I own an 04 CRF250R....which I don't race...im a desert rider. I was wondering if any of you guys out there know of good rear tire to get for the desert. Suggestion would be nice....im thinking an intermediate tire for sure...i know that i ride a race bike, but dont race...we get along in the desert. Suggestions
  9. How and why do you bleed your forks on your CRF250? I own an 04 CRF250R and haven't done it yet.....ive owned the bike for about a year. Advice
  11. I like my Ti-4 Procircuit exhaust....it rips and sreams and everything
  12. Um......lets see.....you must be about 50 or else yer a tree huggin conservative. Please, the whole reason people love their bikes is because they sound bitchen.....now if you wanna talk about loud pipes not performing as well as other quieter pipes, then your smart. Every person who owns a dirtbike bike likes the sound of performance....if you don't then ride a moped.
  13. KTM suspension is always too stiff....adjust the dampening, if that.....that's why i ride honda......showa is the sh***
  14. Automotive Simple Green.....pressure washer......simple green is the best....any kind(auto or all purpose)......preferably the automative, but it is very strong.....then i use a little bit of plastic saver that makes the plastics stay nice and true to their color
  15. How do you bleed the forks of air????..........what difference does it make?