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  1. Hammer69

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Got the 160 ContiForce mounted and balanced yesterday. Phoned my supplier to find out where my sprockets and chain are. Should be here Monday. Tuesday it goes for inspection and Wednesday I'll be able to ride. Oh, yeah, after I pull the right side to loctite the primary nut and then top up the oil. That reminds me to go and tape a reminder over the start button so I don't forget the oil.
  2. 14/38 is almost exactly 15/41. So close in fact you won't ever notice it yourself riding. Go and grab this spreadsheet: www_mts_net\~dcarlson\gearing.xls Change the _ to . and stick the http:\\ in front. You can play with all of the gearings and tire sizes and see exactly what it'll do to RPM and speed.
  3. Hammer69

    sprockets making me crazy 14/38 -15/38

    14/38 is taller gearing than 15/38. It's going to wheelie better and result in a higher rpm at the same rate of speed.
  4. Hammer69

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Friday night I pulled the left side and fixed the stator screws so they aren't falling out any time soon. Unfortunately, it wasn't clear to me that it was 'wet' under that cover and there is now a quart of oil on the floor of the garage. Well, not all of it, I've cleaned up most of it but because the bike is sitting on a stand with the rear off waiting for a tire, it's too much trouble to clean up the rest. The tire should be here Tuesday and then I'll get that taken care of and clean up the rest of the mess. Oh, and I rattled off the front sprocket to get ready for the sprockets and chain that should be here Wednesday or Tuesday as well.
  5. Hammer69

    DR-Z 400s Cargo/Container?

    Good timing. I was wondering if someone already makes something that bolts nicely to existing mounting points. If it doesn't exist, I'm going to put a friend's kid to work in his machining class and make a mount that I can attach a pelican case to. The general idea will be to bolt a pelican case to a skid/frame with the attachment point hidden under the skid when it's on the bike. Then that frame will attach/lock to existing mount points on the rear sub-frame. I actually have a friend in Dallas that made a prototype that mounts a pelican case to the side using the existing helmet lock. Slick system actually. He just needs to get it together with a machine shop and make a few more. I'd be one of the first guys to buy one.
  6. Hammer69

    Finger tight c/s nut

    I tried not putting the [ur][/url] tags and the bbs recognizes it as a url and puts them there anyway. Maddening. This will probably work. Replace the _ with . www_mts_net/~dcarlson/gearing.xls
  7. Hammer69

    Finger tight c/s nut

    Unbelievable. Anyone got any idea how I can provide this nice simple url in a format people can see?
  8. Hammer69

    Finger tight c/s nut

    Well, it would appear that ThumperTalk doesn't like my ISP and is changing the url. So here it is in straight text. You'll have to copy and paste into your browser with http:// in front of it.
  9. Hammer69

    Finger tight c/s nut

    Well, it would appear that ThumperTalk doesn't like my ISP and is changing the url. So here it is in straight text. You'll have to copy and paste into your browser with http:// in front of it. www.********/
  10. Hammer69

    Finger tight c/s nut

    Well, I can't take credit. Well, I guess I could but that would be completely dishonest. Figuring out final drive ratio is easy, RSToothCount/CSToothCount = Final Drive Ratio. ex. 44/15 = 2.93, 38/16 = 2.375 Another member made this wonderful spreadsheet that takes tire size into account even and tells you how fast you'll be going at various gearings. Since the spreadsheet was freely distributed, I've also put it someplace it can easily be retrieved. Gearing Spreadsheet
  11. Hammer69

    Finger tight c/s nut

    Mathematically, yes. You'll be going from 2.53 to 2.375 final drive ratio. It also means that at 7000rpm, you'll be going 87.7mph instead of 82.3mph.
  12. Hammer69

    what to loctite

    Thanks Eddie. I'd be happy to help in any way that I can. I'm fairly noobish in the mechanical department but a pretty good organizer and data guy so I'm officially volunteering to help with the FAQ if you need it.
  13. Hammer69

    what to loctite

    I didn't either. Perhaps Eddie or a Mod can update the FAQ thread with a link once someone points out where it is.
  14. Hammer69

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Monday I ordered a new rear. 160/60 ContiForce I also pulled the wheel off and messed up one of the sprocket bolts. Tuesday I ordered sprockets, a chain and a sprocket bolt kit. Wednesday I picked up some anti-seize for the sprocket bolts, parts cleaner and locktite to get the CS fix done. Now I just need to find myself a 30mm impact socket.
  15. Hammer69

    Side stand question -

    Shorter height bike. They simply modified the angle on the stand to get the bike to lean onto the stand far enough to be stable. If you put a standard E/S stand on an SM, it would be nearly vertical. Likely done for cost reasons. Much cheaper to slightly mod an existing part than manufacture a new one the right length. I may take some length out of mine and bend it back where it should be so it sits flush against the bike. More important things to do first though like new rear skin, sprockets, chains, locktite fix and the MCCT.