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    hey dave!! worst trip we ever had...my brother and i were coming down italian creek pass and he got struck by lightening while he was riding his cr250...it was a bad situation. i posted about it on the general forums a couple weeks ago. the day before we rode taylor pass over to aspen mountain...so i had a little bit of time on the bike. main was a 165, jd red needle 3 from the top and mixture screw was out 1 1/4 turns. I also ran race gas...108 from 0 to 1/2 throttle the bike ran great...1/2 to full throttle terrible...every time i would get into the throttle, i would have to back off to get power...guess i needed a 162?? Hopefully we can ride next year if my brother makes a good recovery. thanks, john
  2. housclass

    Watch out for lightening!

    thanks for the good wishes everybody...the only thing he may not recover from is his hearing...it bursted his ear drum and the doctors are not sure if he will recover his hearing in his left ear. the burns were second degree and should turn out ok. thanks again! john
  3. housclass

    Watch out for lightening!

    that's my brother, Jason in the article. we did taylor pass the day before and did italian that day. we did american flag on the way up...went to crested butte for lunch...on the way back we were less than 1/4 of a mile from taylor rd. when he got struck. when i found him, he was unconscious. the scariest time of my life. his helmet didn't give him the full protection we all thought a helmet would give. somehow a rock hit him on the forehead and fractured his skull...and required 30 stitches. the heat melted the visor on his helmet, melted portions of his jersey and gloves. after 20 years of riding, we've never been hurt bad...then lighting strikes! ride safe! john
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    Thanks for your help dave! Your information has been a huge help to get me to a starting point! If you guys want to join us, come on! We're leaving Sunday evening and should be at dinner station late afternoon monday. About your age...you're not kidding me!!! I also ride a busa. A good friend of mine is 56 years old and has ONE hand. He's the safest, hardest rider we ride with...he rides a big bore zx-12...a damn good rider. Where we ride...we've done 59 miles in 29 minutes. I think you're trying to sandbag us!!! Great web site and great people. Thanks John
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    You would make my life much easier if you wouldn't mind letting me in on your jetting secrets!!! Thanks in adavce for your help! John
  6. housclass


    I have the suspension set at the factory settings right now...however, i'll give your settings a try first...with you being the same size, it should be a good starting point. Thanks for your help!! John
  7. housclass


    First off, this is an awesome web site for information. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking at various information and have learned a ton of useful information…over many hours!!! I feel bad asking for advice on my first post but thought I would give it a try. My brother and I have been riding dirt bikes up in Colorado since 1984. My first bike was a XL250. It was a great dependable bike but heavy and lacked power. In 1996 I bought a KDX 200. Great bike that’s very light and flickable. This summer I bought a 2002 400/MXC for our annual trip. I already purchased a 13t sprocket for the front and a 52t for the back. Also got a skid plate and a JD jet kit. I’m kinda lost in the suspension department. My KDX was very soft. When I tightened up the clickers and adjusted the preload to be stiffer, the bike was much easier to ride. I’m 6’3” and 215#....where should I set the clickers…stock, plus or minus 1,2,3 ect.?? Also, how should I set up my preload with the back spring. When I sit on the bike, should the rear fender only travel “x” number of inches??...currently, the bike travels many inches and seems very soft in the back compared to my KDX. We’re gonna be up in the Taylor Lake area the day after Labor Day…then we go to Ouray. Taylor pass, Italian creek, Pearl, Tin Cup, Engineers, Imogene, Pogipsee gulch (sp?) are some of the trails we ride. If any of you guys from Colorado have any other tips, let me know!! Thanks! John