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  1. agent32

    '04 YZ250f Won't Start!

    so we got the timing lined back up and bolted everything back together....tried to fire her up and still no go..... also noticed what i think is a new problem....the bike doesn't roll in gear with the clutch pulled in....what the hell is going on there? I think a shop trip is in my future...
  2. agent32

    '04 YZ250f Won't Start!

    thanks for the reply....that's what I'm hoping I can do....just loosen the tensioner, rotate the intake cam a smidge and tighten it back up - is there any issue with doing that?
  3. agent32

    '04 YZ250f Won't Start!

    thanks for the replies....here are some images to help describe what is going on. ... so here's the timing mark lined up with the I on the crankcase: and here is the exhaust cam lined up properly: and here is the intake cam that is not lined up: All of these pics were taken without turning the motor....basically I lined up the crankcase mark and the exhaust cam lines up, but the intake doesn't....
  4. agent32

    '04 YZ250f Won't Start!

    so we got into the valves this evening and found what I think is a new issue. When I position the timing mark in the crankcase to the "I", only the exhaust cam lines up. The intake cam little divit is pretty far below the top of the cylinder head. The lobes are lined up properly and the cam is spun the same way as it is in the manual, it's just that the intake cam little divit doesn't seem to line up with the crankcase mark at TDC. Is my timing chain stretched? Do I have to replace it or can I just release the tension, move the intake cam a bit and tighten it back up? Also, do I have to get the cams lined up right before I should take valve clearance measurements? Any help would be greatly appreciated. chris
  5. agent32

    '04 YZ250f Won't Start!

    thanks for the help....I will check the valves and clean out the carb....i'll let you know how I make out.
  6. agent32

    '04 YZ250f Won't Start!

    The oil has been in the bike for 2 or 3 rides now, and I checked it before I rode yesterday and it was within spec (although at the top of the range). Also, the plug smells like gas, so I'm pretty sure fuel is getting through.... any other idea.....anybody?
  7. So, I got through 2 full mx practice sessions at my local track today and get 2 turns into the 3rd session and my bike just dies coming out of a corner. It was running fine up until that point. Kicked it forever and tried a bump start, which almost got it running, but no dice....packed it up and went home (after breaking the buckle on my astar boots). I've already had the bike out 3 or 4 times this season with no issues - oil has about 2 rides on it and I put in a clean filter in before I went out today. Checked for spark, put in a new plug (there was spark with both), and yes, there is gas in it....the bike still has decent compression (should plenty to start), although there does seem to be a little less then normal (just a little). Bike kicks over relatively smooth and occasionally sputs out a little baby backfire while kicking it. Any ideas of what is up? My buddy (car guy, but really really knowledgeable) seems to think that the valves are really far out of adjustment or that one is stuck open preventing the bike to fire up. We planned to tear into the top end tomorrow to have a look and check the clearance, but I would love to get some input from the good folks on TT before I do.....so, any suggestions? Thanks....
  8. agent32

    EPIC RIDE??costa rica?? wanna ride

    my girl and I are planning a costa rica trip in July - I will definitely be in contact!
  9. From some recent research that I have done, I have also found that we (off-road riders) are better off with a NON-Snell helmet due to the stiffness needed of the eps foam to acquire the snell approval. The super-stiff snell helmets transfer more G's to your head is almost all accident situations. Here is a link to some info I found: http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/motorcycle_helmet_review/ http://sxweekendwindow.blogspot.com/2007_02_11_archive.html
  10. agent32

    Helicopter ride and best helmet

    after doing some more research, it doesn't seem as if there is a ton of information out there on this topic. Although, based on the article that NotFastEnuf posted, I am starting to think that a softer-lined European/non-Snell helmet would be better. Anybody have any experience with any of these lids? After suffering multiple concussions wearing a motocross helmet, I would agree that there could be some further research and development on helmet safety. The Snell standard seems to have a high threshold which leads to stiff liners that don't soak up the majority of crashes dirt bike riders might encounter. Any input or other relevant links/info would be greatly appreciated!
  11. agent32

    Helicopter ride and best helmet

    great info. Just to sum this up though, I am thinking about this correctly....The argument is that you are better off with a helmet that ISN'T snell certified and is BSI/ECE certified, due to the softer EPS foam inside in the BSI/ECE cert helmet will actually absorb the G's of an impact better under most circumstances then the stiffer snell cert helmet? I have had multiple concussions over the years and suffered a very minor one yesterday, I would like better head protection if it's out there, so the more info I have the better! Thanks.
  12. agent32


    I might be heading over in the afternoon.
  13. agent32

    Evansville vs Irish Valley

    595 - I'm actually in Phillly - i plan to head up to IV pretty soon as well.....where do you normally ride?
  14. agent32

    Evansville vs Irish Valley

    not a huge fan of rausch either....good to trail ride or take some people that are learning, but not great for moto IMO - too hard, rocky and ungroomed, not to mention expensive. need to get up to evansville soon.
  15. agent32

    Unadilla this weekend?

    Unadilla was rad. 2nd moto lites battle was intense.