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  1. misko

    WR Headlight on a YZ250FX

    That's what I was worried about. Appreciate the feedback!
  2. For those of you that have done this, which parts do I need to order to fit the WR headlight onto my YZ250FX? (see diagram below) I am tempted to order item #1 called the headlight assembly, but the online schematic looks like that will only get me the lens, bulb and cap, but not the mask with all the attachments and fittings. I know that I will need an aftermarket harness to make this work, I've got that sorted, just need to figure out which OEM parts to order to make this a bolt on job for the headlight. Thanks in advance!
  3. misko

    2013 300rr first ride

    6'3" here. 15mm EE bar risers with stock bar and fastway footpegs in the low position. I like the setup. It's not perfect - still a bit cramped when standing, but I've tried taller bars in the past and went back to something less extreme to give me a better feel when cornering sitting down.
  4. misko

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    I wish! It's -13F with wind chill in Michigan right now. If it makes you feel any better my garage has 2 Beta's in it ...3 if I count the trials bike ...can we be friends now??
  5. misko

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    The amount of negativity in this thread is so sad guys! The fact that some of you feel the need to go on and on about all of the shortcomings and "wrongs" of what Kyle is doing is childish - it says something about the type of person that you are (imho). I don't know Kyle, never met the guy, but I appreciate the amount of time and money that it takes to crate the type of content that he's putting out there. Aside from the cost of all the motorcycles and gear that he has bought over the past few years, there is the different camera equipment, audio, lighting, the drone, computing and processing power to edit it all, storage, software, etc ...he has a shit ton of money into it. Add to it the amount of time and effort that it takes to drag all of the equipment with you on your rides, set it up on the trails, turn around 100 times to get the "the shot", only to go back home and spend ton of hours going through it all and editing it ...all to bring you 100% FREE content that you can then bitch about. Most of us are intelligent enough to put Kyle's reviews/feedback/opinion in context of his and our own riding experience and to make a judgement of how (and if) they apply to us in a way that benefits us. So say what you want to say (we're all entitled to an opinion), but at least give Kyle credit for the amount of work he has put in to bring us the beautiful Utah and Idaho trails and scenery ...all for free.
  6. Is there any reason to get the 2015 vs 2014 from reliability point of view? I have a chance to pick up a new left over 2014 for a good price, but want to make sure that I am not missing out on any engine/reliability improvements compared to the 2015. According to KTM, most of the changes are cosmetic which makes no difference to me. Anyone know of anything that's not so obvious but worth while to consider? Thanks in advance.
  7. Correct, just an easy way to see TDC.
  8. Turns out that I wasn't at TDC, and the intake cam was off one tooth. This is much better - 13 links now between the top two marks with the side marks lined up with the head surface...
  9. Does this look right for an 06 wr250f? The side marks line up with the head, but I count 14 links between the top marks. Is that right?
  10. There is also Alfano: http://www.alfano-usa.com/Alfano/products.html I have the "Pro" on my SV650 track bike and it's been great, but you'll have to step up to the "Pro Plus" to get speed as well.