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  1. TOMMY_boy

    What neck brace do you wear???

    Leatt Club. no complaints
  2. TOMMY_boy

    It's all Black & White to me!

    Damn man i love those 848's. Sick ass bike!
  3. Ive been hearing about these different types of clutches for a while and never really understood what the rekluse really does. Also with a hinson slipper clutch what are the benefits and are both these different clutch types worth the money? Thanks Tommy
  4. TOMMY_boy

    2006 450r

    Mine has been bulletproof except for clutch. My clutch basket went pretty quick so I replaced it with a hinson and its been mint eversince!
  5. TOMMY_boy

    clutch slips when cold, whats up??

    did you have any issues after switching to the OEM clutch kit? The thing is, my bike started to have these symptoms after a while with the oem clutch kit. I swapped the oem's with a barnett dirt digger kit and same problem. Im thinking now, I only replaced the fibres, is it possible the steel plates are worn and causing this??
  6. TOMMY_boy

    GoPHER dunes Opener (56K GTFO)

    HAHA you mean love the sand!!!!!
  7. TOMMY_boy

    Let see the 09 riding pics

    Couple Pics from riding this weekand. Track is Gopher dunes, and this was the Redbull sponsored CMRC ride day. Last photo has a little photoshop
  8. TOMMY_boy

    GoPHER dunes Opener (56K GTFO)

    Same here! I felt like i was learning to ride again! the sand definately kicked me in the ass.
  9. TOMMY_boy

    GoPHER dunes Opener (56K GTFO)

    Yea i saw halstead get murked on the finish line jump. He was riding a suzuki right?
  10. TOMMY_boy

    GoPHER Dunes opening.

    NICE PICS, Kyle Keast was tearing it up!!
  11. TOMMY_boy

    clutch slips when cold, whats up??

    Im having the same problem on my 06 crf450. Its like when I first start the bike and start riding the clutch is jerky, but it doesnt really feel like its slipping. I Changed my friction plates but still the same problem. I run amsoil 10-40 in the tranny. Also I have a hinson clutch basket and stiffer clutch springs. Im clueless as to what can be causing this.
  12. Went riding today to gopher dunes, in Courtland Ontario. Track is pure sand and pretty harsh on the body!!
  13. TOMMY_boy

    Four Stroke Gone Bad?

    Sometimes its better to spend a little more $$ when your buying a bike, but buy a new, or lightly used bike. I bought my bike new in 06 (crf450r) and have had nothing but good experiences with it. Dont get me wrong, ive rebuilt the head once and change the piston/rings once a season but other then regular service and a couple broken levers here and there its been bullet proof.
  14. TOMMY_boy

    2009 Toronto Supercross Part 2

    amazing pics, was a great show!
  15. TOMMY_boy

    Delkevic Aftermarket header

    When you say for show, will it hold up like an OEM header?