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  1. Ranger18

    thrillbillies song?

    it's amazing that nobody knows this song, It has been driving me crazy ever since I bought the DVD:crazy: FOund it....Band: Otherwise. Title: I am spartacus
  2. Ranger18

    Flu Designs Graphics

    I have the flu designs mdk kit n my 06 and it has held up great. No problems with the seat cover either.
  3. Ranger18

    thrillbillies song?

    bump!! anybody:crazy:
  4. Does anybody know the name of the song that is playing during the closing credits to thrillbillies (nitro circus). It's the first part of the credits where they show the skydive chamber. THe song goes something like "don't break me down just to pick me up" I searched all the songs which were listed on the credits and it doesn't appear that any of those match. Plus I know from experience, that a song used in the credits of a film does not need to be listed; I also tried entering some of the lyrics into google, and I could not get a match, so any help please. I love that song and really want to add it to my library. Thanks...
  5. Ranger18

    Suspension DIY service

    long time no see everybody!! I've been at academy, not able to ride. but now there is an end in site, and I want to prep my bike. Grey, where is this place you take your rear shock to get serviced? I don't really like my local shop, nor do I like their prices. thanks.
  6. Ranger18

    Shorter silencer for 2006 yam yz450f

    You don't need to ask for a short pipe, because his pipes are already really short. He designed the mid pipe different, so the actual silencer is not super short, but the way it sits in the bike makes it look real short.
  7. Ranger18

    mrd exhaust install

    easy as long as you have the correct tools.
  8. Ranger18

    not wearing "real" mx gear?

    ^^^^This is the question that was asked at the start of the thread!! Actually we are not talking about trail riding, we are talking about riding in general, I think you are thinking of the other thread in the general forum. Rotella is an exception. I was being a little sarcastic with that statement refering to somebody maybe grabbing some left over castrol gtx they used on their pontiac last month.
  9. Ranger18

    not wearing "real" mx gear?

    yanni23 nailed it right there. You are serious about the sport if you are the type of person who likes to push their limits, and the limits of their machine. You are serious if you can look at all aspects of MX and enjoy it. You are serious if you know something about your bike. On the other hand you have people who just go out and purchase some random bike they know nothing about XR?YZ?CR? and they don't care. They run on bald tires and put 10w40 auto engine oil in their stuff. They just like to go camp out in the desert and enjoy having some crap to toy around on. I'm not saying this is bad, I strongly believe that people need to be happy, and if that's what makes those people happy then all the power to them. All it meens to me, is that they are not serious about riding. Me on the other hand push myself to the limits every rime I ride, I will push my self until I can't ride any more, and this is why I ride with full gear beacause at that point it becomes easy to make a mistake.
  10. Ranger18

    not wearing "real" mx gear?

    I think people who are serious about this sport will gear up every time they ride. People who just putts around a little tend to wear jeans and work boots. I put everything on every time. Helmet goggles neck brace chest protector jersey (I will agree that jerseys are not extreamly necessary, but still nice to have) Kidney belt riding pants riding shorts (padded boxer/briefs style by EVS) Knee/shin pads riding socks riding boots (high quality, very important) Gloves All of this gear was designed to protect your body, so if you feel your body is worth it, then spend the $$$
  11. Ranger18

    Life of a CRF450 & YZ450F

    CRF = 05-06 maybe 07 I would not go below an 05 at this point. YZF = 06-07 If these years are too much $$$ than get an 03 As far as rebuilding goes I would stick to the manuel.
  12. Ranger18

    best exhaust for 08 yz 450

    Nope, every pipe I've seen on an 08 has been normal lenght. Maybe one day the after market pipes will be alot shorter, but it won't be this year. Alot of the after market systems are a little shorter than the stock 06-07 pipes.
  13. Ranger18

    best exhaust for 08 yz 450

    I love my MRD on my 06, but seriously dude, you are not going to get an answer here. Every time somebody asks this question everybody just says that their exhaust is the best, and you will get 20 different answers, leaving you more confused than when you started. What you need to do is figure out what you want out of an exhaust then re-ask your question based on that. Example: do you want something quite or loud... low end or top end...inexpensive or money is no issue... super strong or super light.... full warranty or non at all... short and clean or long and carbon. I don't mean to sound like a prick, and thats not what I'm trying to be, but simply every exaust does something a little different so you really do have to be very specific.
  14. Ranger18

    2007 YZ Just got a New Pipe Should I??

    You shouldn't need to rejet. At the most you will need to adjust your air/fuel screw. What is your current jetting?
  15. That happened to me once. When I was still living at my parents I was selling a bike, and I let the guy take it for a test spin. I knew this bitch of a neighbor would call the police, but who cares right. Sure enough she called and up rolls the police. The cop says hey seth what are you doing, I look in the car and it an old friend of mine. Funny thing is now I work for that department. Long story short, you don't have to be a cop or a friend of a cop to get out of that situation. You simply explain that you are test riding the bike or selling the bike or what ever, and that it was only on for a couple of minutes and the police will understand. Remember police are no different than everybody else, heck my captain rides, and his son races.