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    How do I know what year my bike is?

    Thanks everyone for your reply.. I checked that link you posted Humby, but unfortunatly my vin number isnt on that list. On the bike I found 2 different numbers. One, on the steering column says MD30 1006740 the other, on the engine near the bottom says MD1 7E-1766749 Neither is on the list. Also there are no stickers on the bike. I suppose I will have to write to Honda.. Thanks.. Matt
  2. Memnoch

    How do I know what year my bike is?

    A pic of my bike is here.... http://josh.middlepath.com/memnoch9615/Picture%20175.jpg
  3. I bought an xr250r in China, its a baja. I spent many hours on the web trying to figure if its a 97 or not. But I still dont know.. I was told that the 96 and 97 are very different. But I cant find and info that would lead me to believe my bike is a 97. Can anyone help me? I have pics if it helps... Matt