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  1. roadstarbuell

    Cam Chain

    '95 KLX 250 Anybody remember how to check/adjust the cam tensioner? Thanks
  2. roadstarbuell

    CRF450X in DAKAR 2007

    Supermoto & Dual Sport guys are compaining about the small oil capacity on the Honda's & Yamaha's. And how the Honda's have transmission problems when run wide open for long periods. What have the Dakar riders done to their bike to remedy those problems? Oil tanks? Rebuild every night? And NO I am not picking on the Red & Blue, just wondering out loud.
  3. roadstarbuell

    Filler neck

    Anybody else making a mess fueling up a ttr125? The gas can and the white plastic sleeve inside the bike's filler neck don't work together. Can that white plastic sleeve be cut out? Or will the ttr have to have its own gas can? Any suggestions? Thanks