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  1. crashit

    Suspension question

    My ride is a 2012 crf450 and I had my suspension dialed in when I was 180 lbs. I have become ill and lost 30 lbs. I was able to gain back an addition 10 lbs brining me to 160 lbs. Do I need to do anything to my suspension, I haven't ridden since I lost the weight and plan on riding soon. I might be too light for the stock springs but should I redo my sag or anything else or will it be ok?
  2. crashit

    2012 remap with stock exhaust

    Thanks Falcon, Sounds like good start. If I need more i can try the pipe next.
  3. I have a stock 2012 crf450 and was looking for a little more performance without having to spend the cash on a pipe. Has anyone remapped a stock bike and did it help? What gains did you get? Right now the bike runs great but just needs a bit more all around.
  4. crashit

    CRF450R 13 clutch drag

    Something else to try before you replace your clutch. I had clutch fade and changed out my push rod to a rod with an aluminum tip. The stock steel rod does not expand at the same rate as the aluminum parts when warm causing fade. Maybe just a new push rod will make the difference. It did for me.
  5. crashit

    2012 Clutch Issue

    I don't recall the name of the company but I purchased at either Motorsport or rocky mountain atv. For me I don't believe these issues are because of a 4 spring clutch, doesn't Hinson sell a 4 spring clutch? The original set up is bad, no doubt, but that doesn't mean it can be made to work just fine.
  6. crashit

    2012 Clutch Issue

    Not sure what issues you are having but I don't know why everyone insists the clutch needs to be replaced. All you need to do is replace the small clutch plate with a large one but the key to fixing the fade is replacing the push rod with an aftermarket one that has an aluminum tip. The stock rod is steel and steel expands at a different rate the the rest of the aluminum parts causing fade. Replace the rod and no more fade. I did this and never had an issue with my clutch ever! And I am hard on my clutch. Total $68 fix.
  7. crashit

    2011 gas smell in the oil

    Some other things to consider, I know KTM was having issues with their injectors becoming clogged. It turned out it was a fuel issue degrading the plastic in the tank leaving a gummy residue on the filter and getting in the injector. Several people had continuous issues even after replacing the injectors . I think the crap fuel sold today is a major cause here. Has anyone with issues looked at their fuel filters?
  8. I bought a 12 this past summer and it's an awesome bike out of the box. I came off an rmz 450 and the Honda handles almost as well and the Honda is not a tank like the Suzuki . At 180 pounds the suspension is perfect for your weight. Might even need to soften it a bit. They stiffened the suspension on the 12 over the 11. The only change I did was remove the judder spring and replace that with a full plate along with a new clutch push rod. You don't need to change the springs. I never changed my springs and its butter soft and no slp or fade The push rod addresses the fade and slip issue because the stock push rod is steel and the replacement has an aluminum tip to address heat expansion at the same rate as the rest of the clutch parts. Total cot $68!!!
  9. crashit

    New ride

    Just purchased a 12 crf450, I just did the clutch fix by removing the judder spring and replaced it with a stock friction plate. I also installed a pro x reducer rod to help the fade issue. My question is, do I need to adjust my cable? It still engages close to the bar. Any help would e appreciated.