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  1. Dan Walsh

    ride this weekend

    Looking to go ride tomorrow, anyone?
  2. Dan Walsh

    ride this weekend

    Are you still looking to ride? What's your location?
  3. Dan Walsh

    Kennedy Meadows River Camping

    That will be fine trailering to the trail. Do you have any directions to the river spots? I know we turn up Nine Mile Canyon from the 395. From there I am not so sure to get to the river camping. Anyone? Anyone have pictures? Thanks.
  4. Dan Walsh

    Kennedy Meadows River Camping

    I am going up to Kennedy Meadows June 18th with 3 or 4 RV's and we want to camp on the River. Does anyone have some pictures and/or directons to get to the best spots on the river? We would like to ride from camp. Not all are riding so we want to be able to fish and hang out also and fit us all together if possible. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. DWalsh:
  5. Dan Walsh

    Best spots for socal summer red sticker riding...

    I am going up to Kennedy Meadows 6/18-24. Taking 2 29ft RV's. I have not been up there since I was a kid some 38 years ago, now I am taking mine. I remember camping along the river, it was beautiful. What is the best way to find these spots? I am going up on a Wednesday from Socal so I figure we should be able to find a nice open spot. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. fuel tanks for your X? Any pictures? It seems huge, but man you could ride forever with that thing.
  7. Dan Walsh

    Summer place to camp and ride

    Thanks, I will definetly check that out. Ride on.
  8. Dan Walsh

    Summer place to camp and ride

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a good place to camp and ride this summer with Family. On my wish list is a place for an RV, next to a river or stream, riding from our camp, nice dirt, open, some technical but not all like I hear Kennedy Meadows is. Somewhere in the mountains would be nice. I am in Southern California but willing to travel. Oh and red sticker legal. Any places like this exist?