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  1. yz250frzing

    Shock Damping?

    Thanks for the advise I'll tear it down and see if there is a hole in the bladder.
  2. yz250frzing

    Shock Damping?

    I am working on refreshing a 1983 rm125 I just bought a used shock and when I compress it on the bike the first 1in doesnt have any damping but after the first inch it seems fine any ideas what would cause this to happen? Thanks
  3. I am trying to rebuild my 83 rm125 shock. I tore the shock down and am trying to get the cap off that covers the seal head normally you can just knock it off with a punch but on this one there are 2 holes on the cap one is empty and the other is filled. So my question is do I need to drill that out to get the cap off?? I would hate to ruin the shock drilling a hole in it. Thanks in advance for any advise James
  4. yz250frzing

    83 Rm125 Crank Question

    I am in the process of restoring a 83 rm125, and the big end bearing on the rod is tied up so im searching for a rod kit. Pro X has a rod kit for a 81 and 84 but skips over 82 and 83. My question is does anyone know if either the 81 or 84 rod kit will work on my 83. Thanks in advanced for any insight James
  5. yz250frzing

    Trails in norther Michigan

    I'm trying to plan a riding trip somewhere in Michigan looking for some good trails. where do you guys recommend going and is the tent camping at most places or is it better to get a hotel thanks in advanced
  6. my 74 cr125 is cutting out at wide open throttle it will bog down if i hold it at wot if i back the throttle down a little it runs fine. any ideas on what could be causing this. here is the jetting that is currently on the 30mm carb Main-200 Pilot-35 Needle- middle clip thanks James
  7. yz250frzing

    06 yz250f help!

    thanks for the reply i got it figured out
  8. yz250frzing

    06 yz250f help!

    i have a 2006 yz250f i rebuilt it because it was getting a little tired i did a proper break in and when i went riding i stalled in a corner and the kick start was locked up to i tore it down and everything seemed to be fine everything spun over when i turned it over with a socket. my problem is when i put it all back together the kick starter was still frozen so i tore the clutch cover off and when the clutch basket is out the kick starter will turn but as soon as i put it back in its tied up again i have looked over all the gears and they all spin freely untill the basket goes back on any thoughts on whats causing this thanks in advanced
  9. yz250frzing

    Sick Dubstep MX edit

    what software do you use to edit your films
  10. yz250frzing

    74 cr125 high altitude jetting

    got the sizes of the 03 yz250f main jet-178 pilot-40 thanks
  11. yz250frzing

    74 cr125 high altitude jetting

    thanks any idea on a 03 yz250f i dont remember what jets i have in it now if you need them i can post them later on. im going to try and do some trail riding on the mondern while im out there thanks.
  12. i have a 74 cr 125 and i need help jetting it for a vintage race in colorado i live at 600ft above sea level and going to be racing at two rivers in milkin co. this is how my jetting is now main-200 pilot-35 needle-middle clip wondering where i should go from here i know i need to go leaner but not sure how much any help would be greatfull. thanks
  13. yz250frzing

    03 yz250f wont start

    well let me know how it goes and if it works but i belive i have a 50 leak jet in mine but not sure ill have to double check thanks
  14. yz250frzing

    03 yz250f wont start

    how can i check to see if my stator is still good. thanks
  15. yz250frzing

    03 yz250f wont start

    i checked the plug gap and its fine, no its not a new bike to me i have had it for awhile now and then all of a sudden it didnt want to kick. i also did a compression check and it was 140 psi and the leak down test was good does any one know if thats low for compression thanks for the help