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  1. gobigblue

    GI Joes going out of business...

    I was at the sherwood one also. too many people, not enough discounts to make it worth the time... do you live in Sherwood?
  2. gobigblue

    Jeremy Lusk

    watching the full length video and seeing the emergency personnel attending to him almost made me sick. in no way am I blaming them, but their handling of him while on the ground was appalling. and then for them to be running with him on the back board was also very disturbing. I can only think of the potential damage that would have happened to Lusk if one of them had fallen while running with him..... none the less, a very unfortunate incident and my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. RIP Jeremy, we will miss you!!!!!!!
  3. gobigblue

    Best 30 Second Sign Girl

    yeah, she's mine too
  4. gobigblue

    Red Bud 2008 Vid

    what is the name of the band playing with the video?
  5. gobigblue

    Good Crashes/Saves Vid

    ditto--- looks like the dude got knocked out coming off the bike
  6. gobigblue

    Enduro Video - insane section

    that chick that gets drenched in the end is funny
  7. gobigblue

    Have you seen this Sm video?!

    that is a sick ass jump. what a rush that would be
  8. gobigblue

    this picture is worth a 1,000 words

    nice nut huggers
  9. gobigblue

    post funniest you tube dirt bike vid!

    this is pretty impressive.
  10. did you try pouring a light amount of sand on him? maybe a gentle prod with a stick?
  11. gobigblue

    Ronnie Renner Quarter Pipe Jump-- Sick!!

    that is the baddest ass trick out there right now. amazing
  12. gobigblue

    Is Travis Pastrana a member of TT?

    so I suppose we should do away with this particular forum location? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=196
  13. gobigblue

    Suspicious dirtbike death in Wilton CT

    congratulations Earth nazis. you may have thought you have done your part to save the planet and forest, but it was at the expense of a human life. was it worth it? you will get what is coming to you because karma is a bitch. rot in hell you bastards!!
  14. gobigblue

    Homemade tire stand?

    I've used a 5 gallon bucket as a last resort.