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  1. zukiguy

    smr 450 valve adjustment

    thanks sounds good!! I only have one valve that seems a bit tight, the right exhaust valve. i'm gonna go at it today, thanks for your help!! Damian
  2. Just wondering if anyone can give me a run down or know of a website that can give me a heads up on adjusting valves with shims. I have never had to adjust valves before using shims. i understand how they work I would just like to see a step by step break down of doing it...thanks. Damian
  3. zukiguy

    drz400 dualsport lowering links?

    thanks for your help guys and gals, i am tossing up the buying between the dual sport and the sm, with a set of more rugged tires. I currently ride the sm, I'll have to get her to a shop and see what she thinks. thansk so much for the quick replys. Damian
  4. Just wondering if there is lowering links available for the drz400 dual sport, my wife wants to ride, and my drzsm fits her perfect but she wants to trail ride a bit more so i figured the dual sport would give use more tire options, only prob is that its a touch to tall. anyone know of lowering links out there? thanks