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  1. MAhunter17

    Law Enforcement on W Mass Trails

    october mtn is in lenoxdale, right down the st from where I work.
  2. MAhunter17

    Deal or no deal?

    I got an 86 kdx for $400, ran fine.. needed new clutch and brakes.Tore the whole bike apart cleaned er up, put er back together n learned tons of stuff, put about $100 into it, runs on the first kick everytime I go out, my friends were suprised, this bike really moves. Ive been riding quads most of my life and last year was the first to ride dirtbikes, picked up the kdx as a beater bike... runs with the bigger bikes, keeps up, overall Im happy I got it.
  3. MAhunter17


    Ive got a 1986 kdx 200, runs better than most bikes out there.
  4. MAhunter17

    clutch stickin or slippin?

    yep, thats all it was, has way more power now. thanks for the help
  5. MAhunter17

    clutch stickin or slippin?

    alrite, cool, hope thats all it is, I took it out today, and my dad told me sounds liek it aint engaging all the way, seems like he's right.Ill do that in a little n tell ya how it worked out.
  6. MAhunter17

    clutch stickin or slippin?

    Just got my kdx out today, been sitting for a while, bout 3-4 months since its been cold and snow here. Well started up good, but when I had it in first seemed like I wasnt gettin as much outa it as I usually do, If I gave it gas it wouldn't wheelie like it normally does, I should probally change the oil, but its got brand new clutch plates in it, maybe there sticking since it sat a while? what should I do, any ideas , reving high and sorta soud like its grinding. Im going riding this weekend, so I need it fixed by then.. hopefully.
  7. MAhunter17

    kdx200 good for first time rider?

    I ride quads too but got my first bike last year, a kdx200. very good power, great bike to start on.
  8. MAhunter17

    street legal rules and regs on bikes

    i have my sales tax, title, a headlite, and tail light/brake light, I guess all I need are directionals, mirrors and a horn.
  9. MAhunter17

    street legal rules and regs on bikes

    does any one know what it takes to make a kdx 200 st legal here in MA, ill have my motorcycle license soon and itd be nice to ride to school, to save on gas.
  10. MAhunter17

    Pittsfield or October Mountain?

    hey Chris, where is the event starting at, i was at the poker run 2 weeks ago. drrthumper, we'll definatley be up on saturday, probally west mtn track, but could meet you anywhere you'd like. Ive rode every trail in the st forest so i can find my way around to meet ya.there will probally be 2-3 other people riding with us on bikes. Im not sure if ill be on my kdx or my honda quad yet, because my bike is getting new parts on, but ill definately be there anyways.I will let ya know where we'll be on friday, ill send you a pm, and let ya know what time. most likely my buddies will be on there crf or drz, but they may be on their yz and ktms.saturday should be a fun time. How long do you want to ride for, Im up for all day, I have nothing going on.
  11. MAhunter17

    Pittsfield or October Mountain?

    I may, probally will as long as my bike is fixed, leave me a pm sometime and Ill let ya know if we do head out.
  12. MAhunter17

    Motorcycle built for two?

    yea, it's not that comfy with another person on the back of my bike, but its better when were one the quads or sleds.
  13. MAhunter17

    Poker run 2005

    and what are you riding, Ill be riding my arctic cat 250 4x4, as my dirtbike is waiting on new clutch plates and other work that needs to be done.
  14. MAhunter17

    Poker run 2005

    Is anyone going to the poker run tomarrow at west mtn. in pittsfield MA.
  15. MAhunter17

    Pittsfield or October Mountain?

    yea, I dont see many EPO on the trails, but always have your registration on you. If you dont and are caught theres a like $50 or so fine you'll get, so just a heads up.