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  1. I have a bikemaster universal thread is too small..the other too big..its right between the 2 but I dont know the sizes..stock ignition and magneto so I assume it has points. If someone could tell me the size of the bikemaster LH thread bolts I cna narroe it down..thanks!
  2. Im getting ready to pull the flywheel on a 1973 husky wr125. Does anyone know what size puller I need so I dont order the wrong one? 27mm? 24mm? or somthing totally different?
  3. going to cahuilla or elsinore on sat. Im in encinitas also. Pala is great but cant handle 400 guys on the the weekend.
  4. Looks like your rear chain blocks are on backwards, the indented side goes to the front....Awesome bike setup!
  5. went out there sat...main track is technical and around 2:45 a lap, some sections very track is okay, user friendly ... got very rutted toward the afternoon...In my opinion it will get much better as the dirt packs down, check it out... I live in Carlsbad so the drive is much better than Perris or Milestone.
  6. I would get a new spring from Enzo and let them revalve the forks. I dont think you will need new fork springs but that is just an opinion. Did my suspension with Will at Enzo (live locally) and they did an excellent job. You will need to reset your sag but Im sure you already know that.
  7. Had enzo do my 07 450 last year (6months on the bike). Very happy with the setup, ran the stock spring and did a shock and fork revalve. Talk to Will and be straight up with him on your ability and what you want, he will dial you in.
  8. I installed my hourmeter right behind the front number plate. There is a black box there and I velcroed it on top with two sided velcro tape. Its easy to read and is out of the way.
  9. Got my 07 done at ENZO...couldnt be happier. Will Decker or Ross really listen to what you want and need for your ability and type of moto you do. Resonable price and good follow up, they will work with you' until you are satisfied.(course they did mine perfect the first time). I did a revalve shock and fork, and it is like a whole new bike, very plush .
  10. This happened to me also, it seizes up when the aluminum reacts with the steel when you wash it. Make sure to get some antiseize compound (find it at an auto parts store) and lube the bolt every six months or so.Dont use wd-40! because that makes it worse.
  11. Agreed.. go with a 65...get a slightly used one, they are out there and should not be too expensive. You will be surprised, he might want to ride it longer than you think and having a right sized bike will inspire confidence.
  12. Thanx Ernie...
  13. I have a quick question ...It was time to change my front sprocket (07 KX450f) and in my haste to get that darn nut off I pulled the front sprocket off and did not notice which side goes where. I have a Renthal replacement and it has a flat side and a bevelled side. Does the bevelled side go on the inside facing the engine or other way around with the flat side going in? Thanx:ride:
  14. Just a word to save alot of trouble. My 07 450f is a year old and I greased it when I got it, but forgot to put antiseize lube on the chain adjuster bolts. When I went to adjust the chain Tues., the bolt broke off. Had to grind it down and drill it out, then a rethread. The swingarm makes this very awkward to get a good angle and have a long enough drill bit and tap rethread. Save yourself a ton of work and heartache and just put some antiseize on em right now!
  15. Did both the cut with a roto zip and a little heat...worked like a champ thanx for the input guys:ride: