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  1. Keep the bike.You have had it this long why sell it unless you need the money. Clean it up and ride it some. I think it will make you feel good about yourself the first time you take it out and ride. Long term save it to give to your kids. As long as you have had it what the bike is worth to you is all that matters. got any pictures?
  2. I need a stock rear shock for a TTR110. Anyone have one for a good price?
  3. I did a Harescramble this past week end on my 03 125. All I have done so far is jetting and handguards . I have had the bike since new but have not ridden it in 2-3 years at all, I have been on big 4 strokes. Needless to say it took some time to get use to it again. It was 10mile loops and 60-70% all new cut 1/2 track (that is half as wide as single track) and around 97 degrees out side , lots of rocks and roots. The bike ran fine but for this I really need to get a few things done, suspension revalve, 52 tooth , flywheel weight. I have up until the past few years only ridden 125s so in the past this was all I knew, but wow it was tuff on a pretty stock 125 motocross bike. The weight was great and I plan on keeping it and working on it but I am here to tell you that after you ride other bikes in the woods it is HARD to come back to a pretty stock 125.
  4. I was wondering, how reliable is the WR400f compaired to other 4 strokes?
  5. If you painted it black it would drop in value a LOT. Painted plastic on a dirtbike never does good. Plus if it were painted it would lead scare buyers off because they would think it was stolen. Looks like a good bike, dont screw it up with spray paint.
  6. I live in Anniston. you are welcome to come and ride my bike. If you decide to do the mod I will be glad to help if needed. Paul
  7. Added a Suzuki accessory rear rack and gel seat. The bike is a little dirty but that is because I ride it , A LOT I have a new set of blue UFO handguards/barkbusters I need to put on this week end. 28,000miles and still going strong.
  8. My son has a 01 JR50. He got it new when he was 2 and has ridden it since. He still rides it. He has other bikes but even at 10 years old still likes the JR. I took the time and set it up and it runs great. Do a search for mods and you will find some. The best thing I did was go down 1-2 teeth on the front sprocket. I agree with the post above about a clean filter dut not the dry part. ALWAYS keep a filter well oiled. They are great little bikes.
  9. Still new! Keep the filter clean and well oiled and check the C/S nut.
  10. I bet that thing even has a powerband in it, not sure if it came with a blue or:bonk: a red one.
  11. Nice bike. How many miles?
  12. Get something like a CRF230. Easy to ride. If you are pretty new to the sport get an easy to deal with 4 stroke playbike. I think at this point any 2 stroke or any race bike for that matter would not be wise.
  13. You can replace the entire clutch if you want but if the hub and basket look fine just do the plates.
  14. Replace the plates , sounds like cable was out of adjustment at first or the bike had sat prior to you getting it. You will have no more issues. Steel plates just need to be cleaned and scuffed with scotch brite pad.
  15. Blue=+6HP