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  1. priserelectric

    05 CRF450X diagnosis hell

    Problem, Bike starts terrible, once running it runs ok, but backfires when you let off throttle. Electric start, forget about it. 30 kicks, not unusual. History, Bike new, runs start great. Trailer to race 6 hours away, runs like crap, had to run choke whole race. (still finished 5th in . Took it to local Honda dealer because I was off to Colorado in weeks. They say they have it running great. Wrong. Runs the same or worse. On a picnic table in Colorado a friends starts to disassemble my carb only to find no air screw. Buy air screw and bike runs much better, but has got consistantly worse at starting and running and better at backfiring. Have spent over $500.00 at honda shop and it is no better. Shoot either in carb, starts at any time. I feel it is then in the carb. What say you. I know this is thumper talk but I came from a CR250 that was a one kicker, it is looking better and better. Very frustrated and need a base line to start from.
  2. priserelectric

    Starter problems

    I punched a hole in my case in a race last summer and took out the top end on my 05 450x. Since then the starter has not worked properly. It sounds like the battery is dead. Turns over then hits a tough spot and usually stops there. I replace the battery and replaced the brushes. Same thing. Any suggestions?
  3. priserelectric

    Blown top end, now hard to start

    I had hour on my x when I entered an enduro in the u.p. of MI. I dropped it on it's side as I have other bikes many times before. This time the shift lever was sent through the engine cover. It had such a small hole that I ran it for an hour and a half before it started clanking. The cam and lifters etc. took the most damage and it was severe. Replaced piston w/rings, entire cam assembly. Got it back together and it started hard. It runs great but starts hard. I have checked the valve clearance twice and it's ok. Does a bike have a break in time after a rebuild to kind of settle in?