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  1. badkaw2 - saw the details and site about the wv riding club and have registered. i am heading up next fri the 5th of oct to a friend's cabin in dry fork and looking for a place to ride. can you help me finish the registration process with the club so i can post to the wv riding forum or provide any riding area info? thanks!
  2. harkneg

    xr200 suspension

    Didn't anwer the other part by the way - yes, you can use a regular pump with a schrader valve. Sometimes hard for me to add the air and then check the psi without depleting. Probably just a spaz!
  3. harkneg

    xr200 suspension

    I have been running 12psi in the front, have not messed with the rear but is is awful. There is another thread on this where a number of folks weighed in. Some have recommended new fork springs from Progressive Suspension.
  4. harkneg

    Is the XR200 my answer ?? HELP!

    I think you might really like the xr200, but I think the comments on the TTR are solid as well. I have a 2002 xr200 and while I agree with the comments about the suspension being too soft and the drums aren't all that great either - I think the gearing, the low seat hight, low weight and billy goat low-end is a blast and the suspension can be tweaked (haven't done it yet, but definitely will do something). With respect to the TTR125, my buddy who rides a 250x got one for his wife who is a converted hard-corps mountain biker and she really enjoys it. I am 6'0", 190 and certainly crush the stock rear suspension on the xr when I go off any little jumps and drop-offs, but I still have a lot of fun. I ride a 2005 KTM 450 EXC when I go ride hard, but the xr will go up most anything and has manageable power that allows you to "carry speed" easier in my opinon because you can do more in 2nd gear vs. the lurching that you might feel in first on other bikes. Also, compared to the x, accidentally pegging the xr won't get you in the same trouble as quickly. Best of luck!
  5. harkneg

    XR200 online manual

    congrats on the bike, i just picked up a 2002 and need to get a manual as well.
  6. I have an '05 and not sure if it is any different. The bolt in the bottom comes in on an angle? When you do take them out to clean, be extremely careful when putting them back in. On my first oil change, I managed to cross-thread the case on the bottom bolt and had to have it re-tapped. I am inclined to not clean them as often as well.