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  1. southernbornWR

    Alabama trail riding labor day weekend

    Are you guys talking about the trails around Bonita Lakes in Meridan, MS? I use to race the harescrambles there. I hear the trails are still pretty good. If I remember correctly the most popular trail is a 12 mile loop with hills, creek crossings, and one huge sand pit.
  2. southernbornWR

    Down South TT Ride?

    Hey Thanks. I have a friend thats a member of Perry Mountain M/C and I plan to be there every so often as a guest.
  3. southernbornWR

    Down South TT Ride?

    I checked out the web site and I think i may race the one on Nov 11th. The weekend of the 8th and 9th of Oct. I'll be somewhere between Idaho and Mississippi carrying everything I own, but once I get settled in I'm more than willing to ride with the TT guys.
  4. southernbornWR

    anyone see the movie supercross?

    It was worth the ticket price to see how may goons showed up in their riding gear..........way too many to count!!!
  5. southernbornWR

    safety wire on grips

    I use the cheapest hair spray I can find and double wrap both grips in three places with .032 safety wire. If you get it too tight it cuts into the grip, double wraping it will help prevent that. When you cut the twisted end make sure you leave about 3 twist to keep it from unraveling and then push it into the bottom of the grip....if the twist is pointing down your fingers should not get stabbed.
  6. southernbornWR

    Best way to haul around one bike?

    You can get an atv ramp. Some are as wide as the tailgate. With one like that you can push the bike up in the truck and walk beside the bike while doing it. Plus most are cheaper that the trailer, no tires to replace, and will fit in the bed of the truck if your carrying only one bike.
  7. southernbornWR

    hare scramble pics please?

    Hey guys, www.videowow.com has some pretty cool videos from several different circuits. Have Fun
  8. southernbornWR

    Whats your most embarrasing injury?

    Flipped a 660 Raptor and it landed with the left grip dug into my lower(way lower)left abdomen. Imagine the report I had to fill out for that one......i'm enlisted military
  9. southernbornWR

    Spare tube

    Alot of people i know that race desert take out the #2 rim lock in the rear tire and put a second tube in the rear tire. just incase there is a flat all they have to do is air up the second tube. As far as the front tire goes... I just keep one in my tool pack and hope i dont need it.
  10. southernbornWR

    The Guys in the XR Forum are going to kill me...

    I've put my 05 WR450 through the paces in the desert, mountains, canyons, and woods here in central Idaho and it chews it all up. I rode KTM 200's before I bought the WR and I wish I had bought the WR years ago. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Linkage lowering kits or shave the seat foam should help out.
  12. southernbornWR

    Manual or automatic

    I just have one piece of info. I crashed hard one day and really bruised up my left leg and couldnt shift my manual for 3 days.....just something to think about.
  13. southernbornWR

    Trail hand signals?

    i wish they guys that ride the same canyons as i do knew the hand signals!!
  14. southernbornWR

    Where you guys from?

    I grew up riding/racing hare scramble in MS, AL, TN but I'm stationed in Mountain Home, ID and I like the desert and mountain riding up here.....lots of MX tracks as well.