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  1. spick

    What did you do to your WR today?

    JD jetting kit install. a 170 jet, blue #4, and the o-ring installed. New chain installed to compliment the new drive sprocket. Now I'm just waiting on my MT43.
  2. spick

    What did you do to your WR today?

    New front sprocket on my 06. 8500km on the stock one. New chain on the way too. Pretty simple thing to do once I picked up a 27mm socket for my 1/2" ratchet.
  3. spick

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Installed a set of Fastway F6 pegs on my 06: The thing is I installed them in the low-boy position, which all the info says you cannot do on the 2006 WR450F. I had no trouble installing them in the low-boy position. What gives?
  4. spick

    Greasing the Steering Head 09 WR450f

    Yeah, I did mine last year and it was a piece of cake. I also took the tube out of the triple clamp and it makes the process much easier. With a new bike the lower bearing should be fine. Just clean it up and pack that sucker with some quality waterproof grease and then you won't have to worry about it.
  5. spick

    What did you do to your WR today?

    On the weekend I installed a Trail Tech Stator, HiD X2 headlight, and a new switch for the works on my 06. I also installed a Magura Jack which was a right PITA to install.
  6. spick

    09 WRF 450 - grey wire

    On my 06 I disconnected it for a season then reconnected it. While there's definitely a bigger hit with it disconnected, I found I was just spinning the wheel a lot more when I didn't necessarily want it to. So, I guess it depends on your riding style and the type of terrain you're covering. The trails around here can be quite quite technical and rocky, so I prefer a little more control over how fast the rear spins up. So I keep it connected for now.
  7. spick

    05 wr450 rebuild pics after 5 years (lots of pictures)

    It will be interesting to note if you feel any performance gains once you complete this process. Looking forward to it.
  8. spick

    05 wr450 rebuild pics after 5 years (lots of pictures)

    I have over 7,000 km on my 06 now. I'm guessing I should dig in and do this at the end of this season. I'm slowly getting to know my bike, and wished I had spent more time on regular maintenance. I've changed the oil plenty but other than that, not a heck of a lot. Last season I pulled and regreased the steering stem. And I've just pulled the swing arm and replaced the lower linkage bearing and cleaned and regreased the rest. This will be a whole other task but my shed will be in better shape at the end of this season with power, lights and heat, allowing me to work over the winter and take my time with it. Thanks for the pics. They will inspire me when the time comes.
  9. spick

    Trigger Finger

    Riding closed course and riding off-road are two completely different things. This is a skill I need to work on as well. When off road you never know what's around that corner, or how the trail may have changed since the last time you rode it. Oh shi*, that wash out wasn't there last weekend! Covering the controls will give you better time to react in tough situations.
  10. spick

    Removing lower steering bearing

    Yes, just clean it up really well with some contact cleaner and repack that sucker with a pile of grease. It doesn't look too worn as is. Count your lucky stars that you decided to do this when you did.
  11. spick

    WR in a Harescramble

    Clutch control is your friend. Feather that clutch and you won't stall the bike. This is a skill that I work on as much as I can in the slow stuff. A moving engine is easier to handle as well.
  12. spick

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Finally getting my rear suspension back together after pulling to clean and grease the bearings. Had to replace some of the bearing in the lower linkage as they were dry and totally cooked. Do it now before it's too late! Looking at a stator and lighting upgrade soon as well as an upcoming trip will likely mean hitting the trail before sunrise.
  13. spick

    Trail Tech X2 on a 2006 WR450F?

    From TT: Well once the electrical system has been upgraded then I would just recommend the generic X2 HID light with our three position switch harness for it. It is extremely easy to install. The switch harness just hooks up to the battery and then runs forward and mounts on the handlebars and then plugs into the light. This switch harness will allow the top light to be on for the low beam and both lights to be on for the high beam. It all so has an integrated kill switch so you can move your stock one to this switch also. http://trailtech.net/x2_kits.html http://www.trailtech.net/3600-PWH.html Durrrr... Of course.
  14. spick

    Trail Tech X2 on a 2006 WR450F?

    From Trail Tech: It will not. We do not have one at this time that is a plug and play version for that application. You will also need to upgrade your electrical system before you can run an HID light off of that bike. Justin Yancy Trail Tech Inc. Tech Support and Sales Dept. So my next question is whether or not the wires match up as I can simple pull the connectors from my existing light? I did this when I installed a keyed switch in place of the push button so I imagine I could do the same here. I'll let you know. Cheers.
  15. Per the title. Does anyone know if the Trail Tech X2 lighting system will mount to a 2006 WR450F? Looks like a great light and would look ba-dass on the bike. Thanks!