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  1. If this has not been posted on the ATV connection forums i would be glad to post it. I know the boys there would all vote NO on this topic. let me know if you would like the help.
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    im currently playing on 4wheels in the mud but, i have a feeling that is about to change. im 19 and i dont have the time or any fun local places to play on the quad anymore. i want to hit the open road but still feel like im on an off-road machine. i have looked at the choices from many dealers and dont like the looks of any but the KTM and Suzy. KTM is way to expensive for me so it looks like it will probably be the DR-Z400SM. Are there any common problems i should be looking for on used models in the event i dont buy new and is this a good starter bike??? i have years of experience on quads and i have rode a friends dirtbike a few times. im not the best rider on two wheels...yet. will aftermarket parts like pipes cams airfilters and such from the off-road dr-z400e(somethin like that) fit the 400SM?? thanks for all of your help and sorry for the short book!!!