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  1. ama_d14119

    Suspension Rework? Who? Where?

    go to www.aat-mx.com. these guys really know what they're doing, and they really take care of everybody and thier stuff. the owner and all of the employees are really meticulous about their work and they're prices are unbeatable. just at least look at the site and call them and talk to Brad. He knows his stuff. they will really take care of you. they ask all kinds of questions like where, how, and who you ride with. your style and preferences. just check it out. turnaround time is quick too.
  2. ama_d14119

    AAT Suspension

    Has anyone gone to AAT Suspensions in Michigan. I just got my stuff back from them and I couldn't believe it. It felt so good. If anyone is contenplating on getting thier suspension done, I recommend AAT. To me it sounds like they know what they are doing. Here is thier website.... www.aat-mx.com I asked the owner about it and he said they don't really update that much, but they have pretty good prices and their work is good. I just want to see if anyone else has had theirs done by them and to see what they think.
  3. ama_d14119

    Getting the hole shot???

    one thing to try is to grab the front brake before the gate drops. as it gets closer to time to drop the gate, give it a little more throttle with the brake still held in. what this will do is get your rear tire spinning a little bit so your already getting traction before you start. then when the gate drops, let out the front brake and slip the clutch. just don't think that you gotta shift at a certain time. every start is different. so shift when you get up in the rpm's with the clutch all the way out. of course this will take practice, practice, practice. you can't get it down the first try, you just got to practice. pretty soon you'll see a difference in your starts. Another thing i would try is, since you have a 426, try to start in first and shift a little sooner. The low end torque of the four stroke, is awesome, so use it. The only problem with that is you will have you shift more going down the start.
  4. ama_d14119

    I Am A Suspension Idiot

    yes once the sag is set you can do that
  5. ama_d14119

    where to set clickers on 450?

    to set your clickers it depends on the track, your riding style, your skill level, and whether or not you like stiff suspension or soft. a lot of things come into play when it comes to clickers. but make sure that the fork clickers are the same or else you will make the situation worse. there are two clickers setting on both the forks and the shock. compression and rebound. they are pretty much self explanitory. compression is how fast/slow it will compress and rebound is how fast/slow it will go back out. on your bikes (CRF 450) forks, the compression is the top clicker and rebound is the bottom. on the shock the rebound is down by the swingarm and the compression is up by the airbox. just play with it and see how you like it.
  6. ama_d14119


    of course. that how you learn, by your mistakes. but don't try to endoe.
  7. ama_d14119


    your first couple of tries, start out slower and gradually do them faster as you feel more comfortable with them. another important thing is to adjust your front brake lever to where it is really touchy. remember to do these slow at first and go faster gradually. while you pull in the front brake lever pull yourself forward as well. once you feel that the back tire is up, then let go of the lever slighty but still have the brake applied. just keep practicing and you'll eventually get it.
  8. ama_d14119

    Banging knees around turns

    the answer is simple. keep your feet on the pegs, stand up and get even more aggresive through the corner. don't put your leg out unless the corner is flat, or sharp. thats what i would do.