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  1. rhythmofbeing

    Best way to ride XRR on the highway?

    Sure there is. Get the XRsOnly 16T case saver. It's a little pricey, but I had a chain break and the stock guard didn't do any good. I used to run 16/42 with 17" wheels all day. Great commuter for me!
  2. When I got mine, it was jetted lean and geared high; I got around 55mpg just cruising. Now it's a little rich and geared lower, and I'm getting a little over 35mpg. I think that the 650R isn't too bad of a choice for a beginner road bike if you have some previous riding experience. I had a couple friends ride mine around a parking lot with no problems. I'd liken it to starting on an SV--it's a lot of bike, but doable if you've got the self-control.
  3. rhythmofbeing

    XRR forks binding

    Good call. I just took mine apart and the damper rods had some pretty significant rusting.
  4. rhythmofbeing

    XRR forks binding

    Are you pumping them up and down while everything's on the bike, or by hand off the bike?
  5. rhythmofbeing

    Best way to drain 650R coolant?

    90% is a pretty good number. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  6. rhythmofbeing

    Best way to drain 650R coolant?

    It's time to put antifreeze back in the coolant here in Texas. Does anyone have a recommendation for a nice, easy way to drain the system? The last time I did it I ended up just disconnecting all the hoses and taking off the pump cover. It was a mess and it took a long time. Is there a better way?
  7. rhythmofbeing

    Free/Cheap airbox delete idea!!

    I've been doing something similar to this on my road-only SM bike. Instead of putting the filter right on the carb, though, I took the intake boot off the airbox and cut filter material to cover the opening on the boot. I clean it about as often as I change the oil unless conditions were overly bad. I upped the jetting and it runs well, albeit not perfectly (wish I knew more about jetting). It's a good cheap solution, but I'm looking to fab a true airbox soon.
  8. rhythmofbeing

    Chain Slider XR650R - non OEM

    I searched high and low for a non-OEM version, but came up empty handed. I replaced it with OEM and I've got no complaints.
  9. rhythmofbeing

    How much cornering grip on an SM?

    +1. I have to remember that while my XR corners better in the weight and geometry categories, the suspension is years behind our race SV. On the XR I have to really pay attention to get the feedback from the tires that comes through clear as day on the SV.
  10. rhythmofbeing

    650R Weight Saving

    Depending on how crazy you want to get, I found that the tail (subframe, airbox, fender, plates) is pretty hefty. If you can carbon fiber yourself a new one, I'd guess you could save 10-15 pounds. Lotta work, though!
  11. rhythmofbeing

    DIY electrical troubleshooting--high-loss rectifier?

    So if I switch the order so that the regulator is in the DC line, should it not be grounded to the frame? That won't work, as this regulator is designed to be grounded.
  12. rhythmofbeing

    DIY electrical troubleshooting--high-loss rectifier?

    Thanks for the input. I'll try switching the order and see how that does. The regulator didn't come with any spec, so I don't know how it will work on the DC side. Will an AC reg burn up if it's used on a DC system? Cleonard, these are Trailtech HID MR17s. I got two spot patterns, and my idea is to run the "low" beam pointed really low for street legality, and set the other up as a high beam burner. We'll see if that actually works. I'll go do some experiments and post back. Thanks for the help, as always!
  13. I'm building up a second electrical line on my 650R. I followed the instructions on farplaces for the most part, but I'm having some problems getting a good DC output. I'm using an MSR regulator, and the regulated AC power seems about right--between 9.5 and 13V idle to high rpm. However, when I hook up the Skycraft rectifier, the DC voltage is only between 8.75 and 10.5V, which isn't enough to power the HIDs I want to hook up. Is the rectifier just not good, or do I have something hooked up wrong? I don't have a battery in the system right now. I have one AC terminal hooked to the regulator output, the other AC terminal hooked up to AC ground. DC+ and DC- run to the corresponding terminal on the lights. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. rhythmofbeing

    Need Help with Dimensions for USD conversion

    Very nice! Next question: I assume the 650R wheel won't just bolt on, but will the CR hub lace to the 650 wheel? It seems like most forks for sale online don't have the wheel/axle included, so I'm just trying to figure out what else needs to be bought.
  15. rhythmofbeing

    Need Help with Dimensions for USD conversion

    Does this mean that I can bolt on a CR500 front end by just pressing the 650 stem and bearings into the CR clamps? If so, cool!