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  1. thats some funny shit
  2. Sick vid man you guys not too bad dude i want to ride those tracks man damn
  3. I had 04' thing ran mint for the half season over heated hot days at the races 110 temp in the sun all day went back to the truck at the end of the race put more coolant in it ran mint. Only thing I could warn you about is the transmission watch that that was the real big problem for the 04's blew my tranny towards the end of the season put me back 700 bucks so that’s the only thing i would watch for if I bought that bike I mean its a great bike but if it starts jumping gear when riding get rid of it
  4. When the pipe gets hot the dirt burns onto it try taking a wire brush to it not to hard because you don’t want to scratch it.
  5. Im not sure on a Honda but there is usually three lines and if you already moved them down try a little more until its good. good luck and ride safe.
  6. You can try sliding up the forks in the triple clamps that reduces the push. But make sure you have them even.
  7. It all matters on how the bike falls ive droped and bike when i was washing it on a little hill and i bent a brand new pair of tappers SE. So it just matters how the hell the bike falls.
  8. Little pre season holeshot tranning lol.
  9. LOL that was sick.
  10. dumb ass
  11. Put your elbows up keep your feet on the pegs and u should be good ps where are those pics from tracks look sick and by the why bike looks killer
  12. southwick mx 338 fun track got my first first there central village (CT)little but fun Jolly rogers NH very cool track very hilly Ellington mx park (Home town track) Rocky HIll Mx park fast track big jumps
  13. I would go with the 4 stroker its easyer to ride and its more injoying two strokes just make alot of noise and dont go any where
  14. I run the Pro-Taper SE good bars be using for two years know