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  1. Washer of same thickness should work place washer so smooth side toward aluminum. All stamped washers have a smooth and sharp side. Post pick of broken parts, I have never seen that! if not too bad a good fix would be to weld all pieces back together or just fabricate one from sheet metal.
  2. 1995 yz pipe has different flange. I believe 1994 yz will work
  3. Every 250 and 450 I have rebuilt, that race rotates. It is nice someone sells that but is there a key for the timing gear? That gear has to be perfectly set up. I would worry more about where all that metal went! Sorry for the late reply, been away.
  4. Not replaceable need new crank, Post a picture for more clarity of the damage. Good luck
  5. Obsolete and only fits 02 at Looks like u will have to find a used 02
  6. Top end 4 stroke tusk gaskets have too thick of a head gasket. At least for the Hondas.
  7. It is the gasket for the top of carb that screws on
  8. You will run into problems with the crf shock hitting an oversized tank on your 2000/2001 cr. At the angle where the high speed adj is. Have not tried a later (2002-2007) cr shock. Also check for clearance at pipe.
  9. I used the non resistor ngk
  10. If it is not smoking badly it could be your spark plug cap. You can replace it with a NGK aftermarket cap for about 5$. I think your stock cap has a resistor in it and they can fail. This happend to a wr250 I own. Same symptoms as you. BR8EG is stock and works fine
  11. If you let off the throttle when this happens and it runs better, sounds like fuel starvation. Anything that restricts fuel flow could cause this. Dirt, plastic, fuel hose etc. If oring was bad you would have gas in your oil because float would not shut off flow. (too much fuel) Your in the carb, take it apart and see.
  12. Take carb apart to look at the needle valve that the float moves. #18 on parts fiche. Unscrew the brass seat from carb body and look at the screen to make sure it is not blocked.
  13. Hard to tell from pics, if it has rounded ends, it is a dowel. If the ends are flat, like it looks and has rolling wear marks, like it also looks. It is a roller bearing that came out of something? It looks too fat and short to be a slide roller pin out of carb.
  14. They are just like todays bikes, clear anodized over polish. I have a straight rear 17 not beat up if you are looking for just a good rim.
  15. Just leave the flapper and spring out. It will start fine with just the big plate in it. Those springs/flappers break and take out your top end. Do a search for xr choke. Also if you took off the plastic choke lever you may have lost the the tiny ball that goes into the aluminum plate with 3 holes in it.