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  1. chevymx78

    valve shim buckets

    ok i have an 02 yz250f, ive reshimmed the valves before so im not asking how....but im having trouble with the bucket, it will not come out! it will move up and down a little bit, but wont move past there to come out of the head. ive tried magnetic tools, pliers, and i cant think of enything else...anyone have some ideas on wat to try next? i was thinkin bout tryin heat froma torch but dont know how good of an idea that is either thanks for any advice
  2. i was having a similiar problem with my '02..it was a couple things added up but the biggest problem for me was the clamp for the carb boot ended up slicing through my boot...it gradually lost power and then just wouldnt start. check your valves and air cleaner too
  3. bringing up an old post i know...but ya hes right about new leafs in the front, u can use blocks in back but dont go higher than like 5 1/2 inches...thats wat im runnin and its been perfectly fine, also you dont have to worry about driveline angles or anything really if ur buyin a kit, they have already worked out the bugs and dont worry about it
  4. chevymx78

    Good Suspension Company?

    factory connection!! they started out in NH, they have like 3-4 shops across country last i knew...i rode my buddies bike with it and it was a big difference...im plannin on gettin mine done this winter
  5. chevymx78

    New Neighbor Hates Bikes

    i guess im lucky no ones calls on me...i have a cop go by every now and then but no one calls...that i know of atleast....my buddies house theres a d***head on top of a hill that overlooks my buddies property, we were ridin in his lumber yard one night and the guy called the cops on us! then soon as cops gone you hear the guy go racing up the street in a customers bmw!
  6. chevymx78

    03 exhaust on an 02?

    yes, the headers are the same i checked the part number on em, thanks for the help too
  7. chevymx78

    03 exhaust on an 02?

    hey guys i found a stock oem 03 pipe on ebay..i have an 02. i know that the aftermarket pipes are sold 01-02, 03-05, but does anyone know if a stock 03 pipe would fit on my 02? i can get it cheap and the pipe i got now is so loud that even i think its obnoxious! if not how does anyone know the difference? the oe part numbers are 1 letter apart from eachother if i remember right...both look the same though
  8. chevymx78

    Barnett clutch plates / Question???

    this is a really old thread...i know, but i was told by a guy i used to work for thats into drag racin the the barnetts came with thinner plates and one more than stock...dont know if it was only on one model or all but that would also lead to notching the basket alot sooner
  9. chevymx78

    clutch replacement

    or your bike could be like mine...the clutch doesnt grip till the levers almost all the way out...(like 1/4 inch) on mine with the cable adjusted correctly..its on my winter list to do lol
  10. chevymx78

    new here, couple ?s

    its a yzf so you shouldnt have to do valves and piston and all that unless its high hours...check the valve clearances and change oil and clean airfilter...grease everything...just maintanence..take care of it and it will last a long time...ive been pretty bad with maintenence and my 02 is still going...i put in a cam chain but that has been it...and the 03 cams are the first year with the auto-decompression
  11. chevymx78

    2005 YZ250F Siezed!

    ya ive never heard of any problems with the 250f....
  12. you got the ethanol in the gas!!! ive had it a couple times now too...just pull off the float bowl and floats...blow air thru and clean up the white gelled up stuff all of the place and go try again...mines done it atleast twice now...i was told running a fuel treatment to prevent gelling helps out...i dno i keep forgetting to put it in the bike lol
  13. chevymx78

    Help carb problems

    its the ethanol in gas gumming up the carb...done it to mine a few times in last couple months
  14. chevymx78

    graphics for an 02 yz250f

    i like the bud light ones but they were discontinued...almost had a set from ebay but was outbid by a dollar
  15. chevymx78

    yz 250F vrs 450

    lmao. ya your fine on the 250f i am 200 lbs and on a 250, i got it piped and jetted and its got enough power for me...granted i do wanna get a 450 but only because it would be fun to have...even though i know im probably gonna kill myself on it lol