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  1. g_man80

    Moab - 10/6 and 10/7

    No takers? The weather is looking good!
  2. g_man80

    Utah Moab - 10/6 and 10/7

    Looking for some folks to ride with next weekend. I'll be in Moab Saturday (10/6) and Sunday (10/7) camping with a group of people at Gold Bar Campground. I'd like to get out for a ride each day if anyone is interested (I'm the only dirtbiker in the group). I've ridden a variety of the popular trails in the area (amasa back, golden spike, gold bar, pritchett, etc) and I'd be game to ride anything. Feel free to post a reply or send me a PM. Thanks, Garrett
  3. MXandSX, thanks for the offer and all the help. I really appreciate it. The shock and the fork was revalved at the same time by an outside company. I'm assuming the valving in the shock was designed to compliment the fork (it's a reputable company). This was their third crack at it and it still wasn't quite right. I decided to open up the fork and have a look. That brings me to this post. I like to tinker and thought I'd try to make some changes myself. I must say that I'm surprise most people seem to think the setup is way off. This was considered their full rock and root setup. Anyway, I'll take a look at your stack and see it I can build something close.
  4. That's a good point Russ. I guess if it was softer and did not deflect as much I wouldn't really care about the last two inches. My thought has been that if I use more travel it will makes things plusher. Perhaps I'm thinking about this wrong. Hopefully things will improve with a bit more low speed (30x.1 shims) and a larger gap between the face shim and the base plate.
  5. Thanks mog. That makes sense. I'll give it a try with the additional 14 x .2 shims to increase the BV gap. I may also start at 300cc and see how that works.
  6. NastlyR1, when you say I'm missing one part of the equation, are you referring to the valving? Or are you saying I'll never get it as plush as I want due to it being an R. I've contemplated selling and going to an X or even an XCW. My MV float is 0.75 right now, so I'll close that up. I have a limited number of shims currently, but here is what I'm thinking for the BV: BV: 5 - 30 x .1 1 - 12 x .1 1 - 28 x .1 1 - 26 x .1 1 - 24 x .1 1 - 22 x .1 1 - 20 x .1 1 - 18 x .1 1 - 16 x .1 1 - 14 x .1 3 - 12 x .2 5 - 14 x .2 Baseplate (30.5 x 2.0)
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Mog, would you suggest I move a few of the 14 x .2 shims to the other side of the base plate? This would space the stack further from the plate while still leaving the 12 x .2 shims as the clamp. MXand SX, the 8 x .2 is above the collar, but it essentially just makes the collar taller as it's the same diameter. Between the 8 x .2, 8 x 2.25 (collar), & 9 x .3's I would assume my float is a bit less than yours (stack below shims = 3.05 vs 2.8). I'll measure the float when I get home and post it here. Regarding the 310cc vs 350cc. I can't say I noticed a dramatic difference. I am able to use more of the travel at 310cc (3-4 inches unused when I was at 350cc). But the fork action seems about the same. Still harsh and deflects. This seems expected, as I think the valving will dictate how soft the fork feels. I'm hoping to get this thing downright mushy. Dare I say, WR-like! Ok maybe not too soft, but rocks and slow singletrack are the majority of what I ride.
  8. I'm looking for additional plushness through the rocks. I ride a lot of 1st - 2nd gear rocky singletrack. Slow and technical. I feel like I'm getting close, but it's still deflecting quite a bit. Also washboard dirt roads are painful (fork doesn't seem to soak up anything). 175lbs w/o gear, 6'0", stand most of the time. Shock has been revalved and seems compliant. Current Fork: Fork Oil: 5 wt. Oil Height: 310cc FC Oil Lock Collars Pressure Springs: softer pressure springs Springs: 0.47 kg/mm (tried 0.45 and 0.42 with this valving and didn't seem to help) Comp: 14 (tried settings all the way to full soft and no improvement) Reb: 12 BV: 3 - 30 x .1 1 - 12 x .1 1 - 28 x .1 1 - 26 x .1 1 - 24 x .1 1 - 22 x .1 1 - 20 x .1 1 - 18 x .1 1 - 16 x .1 1 - 14 x .1 3 - 12 x .2 Baseplate (30.5 x 2.0) 6 - 14 x .2 MV: 3 - 20 x .1 2 - 17 x .1 1 - 8 x .2 1 - 8 x 2.25 2 - 9 x .3 FC Midvalve springs (Don't have the float measurement with me) I'm not using full travel. Usually have 2.0 - 3.5 inches of unsued travel after 50 miles of singletrack. Verified fork alignment (MP tool) and torque settings. Tried oil volumes of 350, 330, and 310 (current).
  9. g_man80

    CRF 250X woods valve stack recommendations

    Sorry for the dumb question, but what does LSV stand for? I'm looking at MxandSXracer21's stack and I think it might work well in my '08 450r. I have a two stage BV now with a 12 x 0.1 for a pivot and a clamp of 12. It's just way too harsh in the rocks. Sorry to hijack the thread. phantomtracer, it sounds like we are fighting the same thing.
  10. g_man80

    Oil Filter in Backwards

    Thanks for the input. I was mostly concerned about circulation/starvation, but after reading some old posts it sounds like the bypass took care of that. The old oil looked pretty good and nothing unusual was trapped in the filter, which is in the garbage (back to paper filters). After the next ride I'll cut into the new filter and inspect. Thanks again. Can't wait to compare this bike to my old 06 and 03!
  11. g_man80

    Oil Filter in Backwards

    So I've been going through all maintenance and inspections of my new-to-me '08 and found something disturbing. The oil filter was in backwards! The bike has about 20 to 25 hours on it. The previous owner (1st owner) installed a stainless filter. No idea how many oil changes or if it was installed this way every time. What kind of damage, if any, could this have caused? It starts fine and doesn't seem to make any unusual sounds. Valve clearance is good (left intake is just a bit tighter than spec). TIA
  12. g_man80

    Lever Compatibility

    I just picked up a low hour '08 and am now getting it setup for my preferences. Anyway, I have some backup clutch levers from my '06 and noticed that they don't fit. It seems the bushing in the '08 is a larger diameter and lever bolt won't fit through the '06. What's the deal? Anyone have input? I assumed all newer Hondas used a 'standard' lever.
  13. g_man80

    Race Tech vs the manual

    Well, now according to the following chart I have 4.1 springs. This is getting interesting.
  14. I'm trying to verify what my stock fork springs are. The race tech calculator says stock is .40 kg/mm and recommends .44 kg/mm for 175lbs single-track. The manual says the standard fork springs are 4.4 N/mm (essentially .44). The bike is an '06 ktm 250xc. Any thoughts?
  15. Thanks bigbludo. How do I lower the float without filing the tap? Taller clamp?