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  1. ReGos

    Tennessee questions...

    No singletrack in this video from Royal Blue, but Coal Creek has quite a bit of singletrack. Here is a little video we made back in September, before the leaves fell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1gljj36aOY&fmt=18
  2. ReGos

    Adjusting valve clearance

    Watch the circlip when pulling the cam - they love to fall into the engine.
  3. ReGos

    F2 racing

    I don't know, but their Demissions Kit really helped my '07 WR. I hope they are still around.
  4. We will get some additional footage next time, hopefully adding some water wheelies, helmetcam footage, and possibly some hydroplaning.
  5. For those of you who PM'ed regarding the YouTube settings, I used Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 with the following settings: Video MPEG-4 854x480, 29.97 frames/sec, 4000 Kbits/sec data rate Audio Stereo 48 KHz sample rate, 128 Kbits/sec data rate Make sure to view in High Quality mode on YouTube.
  6. Thanks! Yeah, it takes a little while to reposition the shots, but the GorillaPod lets you wrap it around trees or on irregular rocks. The camera is a Sony MiniDV camcorder in an underwater housing:
  7. Not as exciting as some of the track footage on TT, but okay for a couple of old guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1gljj36aOY&fmt=18
  8. Lately, while riding fast on fireroads, we have come up on flocks of wild turkeys. They get startled, some run, some fly. One day we are going to hit one of the fifteen pounders lumbering for flight at helmet level!
  9. Recommended by the East Tennessee Rider's forum: http://www.********************** I can't post a hyperlink, the site is: thundermountainnc-dot-com
  10. ReGos

    Graphics for 08 WR 250F?

  11. It is a big bore kit: http://www.maxpower-engines.com/big-bore-kits/yz276f.htm
  12. I actually did ride it tonight, so the scratches start... I like the DR.D, but the Two Brothers I've seen look very nice also, and I would love to have a ice cube and cam kit, maybe next year.. Thanks, its easier being second, I could copy!