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  1. jasondemitri

    Bent Pipe....

    Thanks for the tips, i will get it fixed this weekend and post the results.
  2. jasondemitri

    Bent Pipe....

    Oh yea, its clearly bent. I bent it out a little just to limp back to the truck, but it will need a little more tweaking to get it out of the way.
  3. jasondemitri

    Bent Pipe....

    Hi all, had a rough day yesterday and ended up bending my FMF pipe, to the point that the tire rubs on the inside of the pipe when i compress the suspension. I need some advice on bending it back. I could just reef on it to pull it out, but im worried about it cracking at the welds. I was thinking maybe using a propane torch to heat it up and then bend it. Thoughts? Oh, and bent my radiator and bruised the hell out of my hip and shoulder....thank god for helmets and chest protectors.
  4. jasondemitri

    2008 wr450 fork seal replacement

    I just did this a couple weeks ago. It was leaking pretty bad so I thought for sure i needed to replace the seals. I stumbled on the 35 mm negative film trick and it worked like a champ. Unless of course, all my fluid leaked out!!!!
  5. jasondemitri

    HELP...need link to the 04 wr 450f manual

  6. Help, i bought a new computer and didnt transfer all my files (I know, rookie mistake). anyways, I had a pdf file that I downloaded from somewhere on the net and now i cant find the link. Anyone have it?
  7. jasondemitri

    I finally did it

    be sure to post your satisfaction or dislikes....
  8. jasondemitri

    Oil change help

    its an 04. I got the oil changed, new plug and cleaned the airfilter, but wasn't able to head out for a ride today. Maybe next weekend.
  9. jasondemitri

    Oil change help

    Good call, even though the DRZ still has my respect as an enduro. If I ever move overseas I will probably get another one. It just didn't have enough power in the dirt for me. By the way, I finally got the manual to open.
  10. jasondemitri

    Oil change help

    for some reason my computer wont let me open the manual on the sticky. Mine didn't come with a manual. I was trying to get a quick tune up on it before I take it out for my first ride. I did find the dipstick, I just wasn't sure where to fill it. I just got rid of a DRZ 400 and you filled it at the frame. thanks for the info.
  11. jasondemitri

    Oil change help

    First time changing oil on a WR. Just baught it last week. I got all the oil drained, filter changed and Im wondering were to put new oil in. Do I fill the frame and put a little in the case? All in the case? All in the frame? How much does it take? Any other tips, suggestions? Thanls in advance,
  12. jasondemitri

    What year for aluminum frame?

    wow, I was way off.
  13. When did the YZ 250 F get the aluminum frame? 02 or 03? and the Wr 250 F? 07?
  14. jasondemitri

    2002 YZ250F What to do to make starting easier?

    can you convert an 02 manual decomp to an auto decomp just by changing the cam? or is there anything else needed?
  15. jasondemitri

    What do you think this is worth DRZ 400

    About $75 - $100, but not anymore. tell you what, I will give you $105....