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  2. I looked up their website and it looks like it hasn't been updated since the 2006 season, you know off hand if they are still open?
  3. I just moved to the south side of Indy, is there even a place within an hours drive to ride?????
  4. I was told by a dealer that a V6 tacoma can get 25mpg....don't know if it's true but it beats the 12mpg I'm getting now:crazy: .
  5. Not really good enough to be racing ....do they have open practice days that aren't for the Sunday racers? I don't wanna pay a gate fee when I have no intentions of racing on Sun.
  6. Wildcat motocross park did that to my brother and I. He just moved back to Indiana so we decided to go check out the track. He doesn't have a bike so we used my bike. I paid my $20 to ride then he decides to take a few laps. Next thing I know we have a guy on a golf cart demanding another $20 for his laps......STUPID!!!!
  7. Anyone still in the area that has a track around here? I bought a house on the south side and looking for somewhere to ride once the weather is nice enough....hit me up if you know of anything...thanks.
  8. Cool Max for me, pretty good sock.....I have a pair of EVS's that I like better though.
  9. Military wise, they created an off-road dirt bike/atv course that is now manditory for all riders. If you have completed this course and get hurt then you are golden as far as benefits. That's how it is in the Marine Corps.....isn't anything besides sitting in a chair or riding a stationary bike considered high risk for the Air Force Ssmokem?
  10. Maybe you shouldnt have bought a bike if your that worried about it getting scratched.
  11. I missed the race because of my work schedule......so today I went back to days so I don't have to work Sundays when the race airs.
  12. I got the light weight rental sproket and a DID chain....works great for me and haven't noticed any wear or chain streching.
  13. Not yet but I've got the go ahead on my Dad's land when I get back to Indiana.
  14. I would suggest mixing in weights or swimming, I was into running for a while but eventually you will get burned out. I'm 5'8" and my weight in the past 2 years has varied between 150 and 168 depending on if I'm focused on running or lifting weights. I think as long as your exercising you'll lose weight but your diet needs to fit what body type you are. If you don't eat enough your metabolism will slow and then it'll store everything as fat to burn later when it thinks it won't get food.
  15. I'm riding as much as possible cause in Jan. it's back to IN and I doubt I'll be able to ride much in the winter.