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  1. allielauren

    Will a 2000 KDX motor fit a 98 kx125 Frame?

    Thanks guys. Is he any relation to Fred Fredette? I went to the KDX forum and signed up. Hopefully they will process pretty quickly.
  2. Anybody? I may have a great deal on a 98 kx125, and I was wanting to put a 200 motor in it, make a great trail bike.
  3. allielauren

    XR400R CRF fork conversion complete

    I just got a '03 XR 400. I am going to use for DS mostly, but will no doubt find myself in some single track. I have triple clamps and A kit suspension for an '08 RMZ 250. I could use the kit or the stock RMZ suspension on the XR. Is this a reasonable idea or not? I have been reading for hours every night on this forum. Thanks for so much great information.
  4. Anyone have any opinion on this? I have a DS KTM 520 EXC, with a spare set of complete wheels. Thought about putting on some street friendly tires without the expense of full motard.
  5. SOOOOO much better than anything else I have seen my friends use on their bikes. We have 4 KTM's and one yamaha in our group. A couple of "factory" KTM kits, and a few Baja Design kits in the group. I am the only one that is ALWAYS lit and legal. I have taken advantage of the quick removal (less than a minute) of the DS kit on manty occasions when we were riding single track only and have never had a problem. I have added a few mods to my kit over the years to fit my quirks, and they have been extremely accessible and helpful. While I am on the subject of things I love about my bike, I LOVE my Rekluse clutch. In fact I am sure it makes me faster, and my hair is getting thicker!