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  1. jchammond

    08 450X release

    Ditto - they're all solid. My '05 has 1500 miles, and it runs as good as ever. I think the steering damper on the '08 would be cool, though.
  2. jchammond

    Yoshimura Pipe

    I'm very happy with my Yosh
  3. jchammond

    crf 450 x aftermarket exhaust

    I really like my Yoshi comp series. Not too loud, and noticeable power boost, esp. mid rpm's and up. Chirs
  4. jchammond

    Which Bike is better?

    I have an '05 450X, which should be close enough, from what I've read on here. I've ridden a friends new '07 WR450 and to me it feels like a very nice bike. It feels a little lighter than my X, I thought the suspension felt less harsh than mine (then again, it may just be set softer -- I didn't give it a "bottoming on landing" test). It does have the Pro Taper's, Excel rims, computer, and a cool aluminum kickstand stock. Power wise I wouldn't say there was any huge difference. There's plenty of info on this message board about how good the X is, so I won't rehash all that. I honestly think that the X is probably easier to work on. I'm helping my buddy uncork his WR, and when you get the seat and tank off, it's pretty tight under there. Even taking out the spark plug looks to be a tricky affair. Never mind taking the valve cover off to check the valves -- I'm thinking you may have to remove the top motor mount to gain enough clearance. Personally, I would probably be happy with a WR. I'm perfectly happy with my X however, and not looking to change any time soon.
  5. jchammond

    CRF450X What is the best pipe?

    I put on a Yoshi comp series full system. Sounds great with better mid to top end pull. Low end had plenty to begin with, and still does... That being said, if I knew for sure at the time that an R header would have fit without hitting the coolant line, I probably would have went that way for the cost savings.
  6. jchammond

    help me out here!

    My 12 year old son just made the switch from an '03 xr100 to an '03 cr85 expert. He started on the 100 and rode it for about 10 months. I consider his riding being fairly good given the amount of time. Ok, that being said...the cr fast, it's light, and it's got to be more fun than the xr MOST of the time. I don't know what the top speed is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's over 60 mph. I am 5'11", about 170 lbs, the cr will lift the front tire easily in first through third gears -- no clutch popping, only powerband. Finally, the suspension is far better than the xr 100. The possible downsides are that the 85 is pretty tall and can probably seem intimidating the first time a relative beginner hits the powerband. Also, it will require a bit more practice when working in the low rpm range. It's somewhat weak at low rpm, and easy to stall in slow, tight conditions. If you're planning on riding track, or doing any jumping, then there isn't much choice -- the xr suspension doesn't like to catch anything leaping more than a couple of feet off the ground. On the other hand, if you were primarily a trail rider then maybe a 150 would be a better choice, though they seem like they're built with lead and powered by a briggs and stratton compared to the cr. Ok, it's not that bad, but they do seem awfully heavy (that's what my wife rides). Personally, I like the cr. If you like to go fast, you won't be disappointed. Good luck!
  7. jchammond

    JD kit > honda parts?

    Some will say to do the fork oil after a few hours as the manual recommends, some will say it's no big deal. I did mine after probably 30 hours or so. The oil in the outer chamber was on the dingy side, and the inner chamber oil looked new. If you decide to do it, it's not very difficult -- the worst part being proper measuring of the new oil going back into the outer chamber (the inner more or less just gets filled, and any air or extra fluid is bled off during reassembly). It would be easier if you could measure the outer fluid from the top of the compressed fork, but you have to do it by volume.
  8. jchammond

    CRF450X Motor noise

    I thought the same thing about it sounding like the piston slapping the cylinder wall. I used a long screwdriver as a stethoscope and listened to various parts of the engine and intake while the bike was idling. I found that the "worst" noise was coming from the carb, and is nothing more than the slide sort of rattling because of the pulses of air. The cylinder area didn't sound bad at all using this method.
  9. Ditto on the Tech 10s. I can't compare them to anything except Fly 805's, which of course is no comparison at all. I'd be happy with anything that felt like the Tech 10 AND had a similar external profile. The 10's have very good fore/aft pivot movement as well.
  10. jchammond

    The bike you think should be made.

    I'd like to see a crf100 or crf150 built like a crf250 or crf450. Ditto for the other brands with comparable models. I guess in the Honda case, you're expected to go with the CR80 or CR85, but I think it would be cool to have a smaller hi-perf 4-stroke.
  11. You actually think that if the state controlled the oil market (in the US), that we would ever get away from using oil!!!??? That's one way to ensure that we remain dependent on oil forever. And who say's that if it were state controlled, there would be any profits? Why is it so hard to understand that if we truly desire to move to alternative fuels, then the quickest, most efficient way to do so is to pay more for oil now. The oil producers can either respond to those higher prices with increased supply, or they can attempt to hold their "monopoly" and eventually lose their market share to alternative fuels.
  12. Yeah, we need the government to dictate allowable profits, not just for oil companies, but any sector that is generating obscene profits...
  13. jchammond

    How the hell do you jump a 450X, or any 4 stroker?

    Yeah, a little air may be good. No, didn't bottom out, or I didn't feel it at least. I didn't even feel like it was a hard landing. Wasn't as soft as it could have been, but I've bottomed it out before, and that one didn't feel like it was bottoming. Probably just lightly reached the end of the suspension travel.
  14. jchammond

    Pueblo 1/1/06

    Hey everybody. I saw you all and should have came over to say "hi", but I guess I'm kind of shy like that ... I was down to try out the JD jet kit I installed, and the opened up airbox, and was sheperding the kids around some. Anyway, I was parked over near the gully too -- the blue Silverado and my wife in the Excursion (five bikes, no trailer). Next time, I'll come and meet whoever's there. Of course next time, I'm going to check the forecast for wind. I'm getting tired of that. Sure wish I had somewhere closer to home (Falcon) to go out for a couple of hours... Well, see you all next time!
  15. jchammond

    How the hell do you jump a 450X, or any 4 stroker?

    Damn! Really? Anybody else have a problem?