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  1. Hi Guys, I am a new member of thumper, i am just about to buy my first bike a drz250 which i just looked at 2hrs ago. I am short arse (5feet 5 inches) and this bike is 3 yrs young with 8000kms (6000 miles, i theink this an approx conversaion??) on it, mostly road kms/miles, so the suspension is still firm, whether its set hard or not im not sure. How do I lower the bike about 1-2 inches to allow me to put my feet on the ground. I believe I can adjust the klickers front and rear? What about the rear spring/shock absorber? is this able to be done and is it costly or just time involved? As you can tell I am new to this but totally about getting my new bike. I would appreciate any advise I can get on this matter. I hope this message finds you all cruising. Cheers Horney