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  1. Thanks, Clark. I attempted to search before posting but the automatic performance throttling system had shut off search.
  2. Anyone else ended up with the above mentioned combination? If so, how did you handle it. They would not fit together on my bike so I had to do some creative modding. Also, if you have the Acerbis tank, how did you end up running your fuel lines from both petcocks? I had to get a little creative with that as well.
  3. I actually had this problem before the kit as well. I had wishful thinking it would go away after I put in the kit. I did, however, get some quality time with the WR tonight. I wasn't able to get rid of the problem by adjusting the fuel screw yet but I do think it is a little better. It still comes close to dying or dies when I snap the throttle from idle. I'll do some more drastic fuel screw changes soon...
  4. Thanks, all. I'll see if I can get some quality time with the WR this week and get this problem dialed out.
  5. Thanks, 642. Is there any specific procedure to doing that. or do you just turn and try? Any need to let it idle for a set amount of time between changes or is it immediate?
  6. Red needle with clip in 5th from top position as per the instructions.
  7. Yes, sorry, forgot to mention that I have installed a Zip Ty fuel screw and I removed the AIS.
  8. Let me preface this thread by saying I am BRAND NEW to this whole carb jetting game and I'm trying to get my small brain around it. Ever since I purchased my '06 WR450, the engine stalls if I'm at idle and snap on the throttle. I'm at ~3000 ft. altitude and yesterday I installed my newly arrived JD jetting kit per the instructions for my altitude and high heat ranges. If I'm above idle or anywhere else in the throttle range, response is crisp and clean. I couldn't be happier. It does annoy me however that I'm not able to resolve this off idle problem. I've done some searches here and combed through the mountains of jetting info but maybe I'm just not getting it. Any suggestions? Besides switching the main jet to a 165 per and using the recommended JD needle and settings, my carb is completely stock. Any help is much appreciated! Grappler
  9. grappler

    Brake light actuator

    I just picked up a hydraulic switch from my Yammy dealer for cheap to replace the banjo bolt with. Probably exactly the same as the one mentioned above and ran the wiring to the already-in-place, unused third brake light wire. Works great.
  10. grappler


    My TT kit is on the way, well as soon as the ZipTy fuel screw is back in stock. I looked at the GYT-R at the dealership but decided on the TT kit.
  11. grappler

    13/51 Size Sprockets?

    My 13t is in the mail on its way here. Can't wait to get it slapped on there! No need for 41MPH in first gear here.
  12. grappler

    Acerbis Rally Guard Warning

    I recently installed the Rally handguards on my '06 WR450. So far, so good.
  13. grappler

    '06 WR450 Front Sprocket

    Thanks, Peter. I now have an '05 13 tooth in its way...
  14. grappler

    '06 WR450 Front Sprocket

    Thanks, Yamaster!