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  1. I just got the title and reg. today, hope to get a little quality 'bonding' time in at some point tomorrow. I'll probably be solo, so no action shots. I think its going to be a complete world of diff from the XR, just based on the little driveway sprints I've done. And take your own advice, post more pics too! I love living vicariously through them.
  2. Massillon. I'm more concerned about the insurance company w/ non-DOT tires than the cops. Plus these things are really spongy on the street! I can't wait to get this bike out and play a bit
  3. Sold the XR650L and bought an 03 KTM 525EXC. Working on getting it registered and legal. Unfortunately it has BRAND NEW non-DOT tires so I will have to sell them and buy others. Thinking of the Kenda trackmaster II's. I always loved the rear kenda 270 on the XR. Front was terrible though. Looking forward to getting this thing on the street (on the way to the dirt!!!)
  4. Hi guys. I know this isn't the classifieds but figured I'd mention it here (locally) first. I'm looking to sell my XR650L if you know anyone in the area interested. Here is my posting: http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/mcy/1303538320.html Thanks. I am subscribed to this forum and have been keeping up on the updates, even though I don't get out to ride often.
  5. Awesome pics OhioPT!!!! That makes me want to come out there so bad. I'm in Massillon. I wish I knew more areas like that around here!
  6. Good to hear about your trip Goggles! I'm looking forward to this week being a bit warmer. I need to order a rear tire, because my bike (XR650L) just doesn't move well in the snow with no rear tread. Looking forward to another season of riding. Anybody ever do a dual-sport trip or event? I would love to do something like that. I never have, I'm more-or-less a casual rider and mostly ride solo. The less and less I get to ride the more it would be nice to plan for it and maximize enjoyment!
  7. That sounds AWESOME. I love doing the same thing. I used to work in the country ~25 miles from home. I would do a similar thing, find the most out-of-the-way roughest path to get there. I would find lots of neat trails and paths and try to connect them all. It made a ~50 mile round trip commute take hours and I loved every second of it. I really like the whole 'forgotten urban' area type riding too. More pics!!!
  8. Hello all, Im not quite in cleveland, I'm from canton area (~1hr south). God I love riding. I have an XR650L. I like to explore and trail ride.
  9. rt30000

    XR650 L Lowering Link

    I have the kouba link installed in my '03 XR650L. It lowered it from barely being able to "tip-toe" to allowing me to sit flat footed – which made it worth every penny.
  10. rt30000

    Lowering XR650L?

    Hello, just ran across this site as I recently acquired my first dual sport. Its a 2001 XR650L and its huge. I'd like to lower it a bit to be more comfortable..what the most affordable route to do this? Lowering link? The bike will be ridden primarily on the street (commute to work), with some trail riding (nothing tight or technical) from time to time. No jumping So...I don't think bottoming out would be an issue, right? I am ~5'11" and 190lbs. Thanks!! Rob