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  1. Thanks tedder42. The CVK40 out of this '86 KLR600 needs the bowl for the most part as the brass tube broke out (lost). I can't take credit for this. Also, I'm having problems getting the pilot jet out (turns hard but will not release) and the idle circuit is plugged so maybe time for the main body as well. Providing all else matches I can swap the parts missing from yours by cannibalizing mine. My e-mail address is g.strombeck@sbcglobal.net I live in the Milwaukee area. Let me know what you got and we'll work from there. Many, many thanks. Gary Strombeck
  2. Hello all, First time to the TT. Love it. OK, currently looking for a CVK 40 carb for an old '86 KLR600. The one I have has seen better days. Where do you folks find such an animal without paying more than the bike is worth? Any info is helpful, Thanks! Gary