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    New member!

    I too have a BRP (Big Red Pig). A 2001 bought new in 2003. Have had a number of other bikes in the mean time but always hung on to this one. Street legal in WI. I'm 6'4" bouncing in at 260 and 58 years old so the size of the bike is not much of a factor anymore for the type of riding I do now. Additional upgrades to consider: 1) Long rides require gear and extra gas. The factory BRP spring rates should be increased. Front and back. 2) The factory fork cartridges suck for high speed, square corner, impacts. Nearly broke my wrists just hitting a curb straight on once. Drill them out and re-shim or buy aftermarket cartridges. That and the springs were my best upgrade. Years ago some guy posted different recipes for drilling/shimming on the BRP Yahoo site. 3) Lube the linkages. Honda was stingy there. 4) Aftermarket seat (you did say long rides?). I want with the BD tall medium foam. New semi gripper cover helps with the torque of these bikes. 5) Rear rack (long rides?) 6) Right side foot peg BRACKET bolts. These have a tendency to bend/break. Mine bent and I don't even jump very high. There's a fix, Google it. 7) The thermostats can get funky. Google this too. I think a puny Ford car Thermostat fits but may need bleeder hole(s) drilled. 8) Some time in '03 (me thinks) the clutch bushing was updated to prevent galling and seizing. May want to check on that. My 2001 never had a problem. It sounds like you've address all the other things I did with mine in one form or another. Other that that, teach your riding buddies how to start that thing. I know, once you have the process down it's not difficult but you NEED to know it. I messed my right knee up pretty bad on the trail and needed a buddy to start it. Neither one of us was in the mood to teach or learn at that point. Good luck and keep that BRP running. Your'e in good company. Gary
  2. Strom

    Bearing outer race stuck in hub. Help!

    Koray, that hub is TOAST. Shaft and Housing tolerances, fit , finish, taper, roundness, etc are incredibly important. If any of these fall outside design parameters any new bearing will fail quickly and you'll be at this again in no time. Bearings are not necessarily round by themselves. They rely on the shaft or the housing for that. I guess if you don't travel too far from home not a big deal. Hate to see you get stranded tho. I see you don't want to invest in a new hub or wheel assembly. Hard to blame you as the bike may not be worth that much. Wishing you luck. Oh, as a geek side note: What you removed from the hub was the bearing outer "Ring". The "Race" (short for raceway) is only the surface which contacts the rolling elements. Not that this matters other than I've been in the bearing business waaaay too long.
  3. Strom

    Finding a carb - CVK40

    Thanks tedder42. The CVK40 out of this '86 KLR600 needs the bowl for the most part as the brass tube broke out (lost). I can't take credit for this. Also, I'm having problems getting the pilot jet out (turns hard but will not release) and the idle circuit is plugged so maybe time for the main body as well. Providing all else matches I can swap the parts missing from yours by cannibalizing mine. My e-mail address is g.strombeck@sbcglobal.net I live in the Milwaukee area. Let me know what you got and we'll work from there. Many, many thanks. Gary Strombeck
  4. Strom

    Finding a carb - CVK40

    Hello all, First time to the TT. Love it. OK, currently looking for a CVK 40 carb for an old '86 KLR600. The one I have has seen better days. Where do you folks find such an animal without paying more than the bike is worth? Any info is helpful, Thanks! Gary