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  1. Strange fuel tank, what modell did it came from?
  2. Here is mine! RM 125 1980 I had a new -79 when I was 16. And the other one, in poore condition! YZ 125 1981 http://pici.se/pictures/eXTzshreA.jpg
  3. Ok! LOL! RM 125 -80
  4. It´s stock RM parts, I ordered RM 250 -06 if I remember correkt. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=328507 I think the DRZ-SM -07 have them on as standard!
  5. Yes, I was just in the beginning of the adjustment. The 3 bolts in line and just a little slack in this position works fine for me, its easier this way instead of remowing the linkage to find out
  6. I did like this to find out the right slack.
  7. Thanks! Sweden
  8. When I see some of your pics I want to buy myself a new camera, very nice photos A pic from my last ride with a pocket camera!
  9. Continental TKC 80 http://www.conti-tyres.co.uk/contibike/tyres/tkc80.php
  10. This is how I did it. 12v (Biltema cigguttag) on the brown kabel, power when ignition on and parkmode. Use a so called Tjuv, finns på macken Tjuv
  11. My SM
  12. I got between 3100-3400miles (5000-5500km) with 160/60-17 and x2 on the front tire 120/70-17.